Cats and Xmas Trees

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by flutterbee, Dec 15, 2008.

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    Actually, it's only one cat. Abbey. It's a really good thing she's my favorite.

    She spends her day climbing my tree - almost to the top. There are big holes in the tree where the branches are all crunched down and my lights are taking a beating. Yesterday she broke my favorite ornament. It was dangling on the branch above where she was at. She couldn't pass up that opportunity. :mad:

    The rest of the time, she knocks stuff off so Buster can chew it up. Which he does with glee and tries to run and hide when I try to take it from him. Then I have to pry his mouth open to get it from him. I swear, they are in this together. She gets in the tree, he barks and the next thing you know he's got something to chew on. :ashamed:

    Last year, she knocked off all my decorations from the ice box next to the three, pulling down and breaking my fountain in the process.

    She is now practicing leaping from the tree onto the valance above the window. It's only a matter of time before my tree goes over. I can't wait.
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    You're lucky you have a cat and all she does is climb the tree. I have a dog (see picture, actually we have four dogs, but this is my favorite), and he thinks the tree is his personal potty!!! Next year we are putting the tree on the porch when the pooch doesn't go!!!!
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    My mom had a black cocker spaniel named Licorice who absolutely HATED the Christmas tree. As soon as the tree came in the house, the barking started, and we finally had to barricade the living room so she wouldn't attack the tree. Every so often, she'd forget about the tree, but then she'd see its shadow, and start barking again.

    Pets and Christmas...always an adventure.
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    Abbey and Buster conspiring together. Too cute. (of course it's not my tree either lol)

    Bruce didn't seem to interested in the tree last year. I hope it stays that way this year. PCs cats think the tree water is yet some magical water dish she's hid away for them to find. They're driving her nuts. She can't add anything to the water for the tree because they won't leave it alone.
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    Oh, MB...I'd put up a tree just to see that. What cute pictures!! Very curious cats.

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    I bought a specific tree that started at the floor and has so many tips (like 1400) that there was no opening for her to get into the tree or under it. That worked. We don't have the cat stepmom's sis took her, because the cat would puke on the floor all the time and Missy was crawling and I didn't want her getting into it, so we decided to give her to stepmom's sis (who has since gotten three other cats to keep that cat company). Now I leave the bottom row off, so I can fit the gifts under there.