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    One of my passions is cooking good food for people and because of this I always look for ways to support our area food banks.

    My regional food bank has a web page with various ways to donate. Not just asking for cash or food, but also programs set up to let you earn money for the food bank by doing things you normally would do - and often they have really good discounts and coupons, esp for area restaurants.

    I know that many of us will make exercise and/or fitness a goal for our 2013 resolutions. If you walk, bike or run you can get a sponsor to donate to a charity of your choice without every having to go and ask friends, family, coworkers and strangers for money.

    Charity Miles will pay ten cents per mile you ride a bicycle and twenty five cents per mile you walk or run. All you do is download a free app to your smartphone from either the Android or iPhone app store and choose your charity. Just start the program when you start your miles and the app takes care of everything else. Except shin splints and being out of breath, lol!

    You can learn more about the program and the charities you can support by going to
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    Tomorrow I am going to check it out as it sounds like a total winner. No, lol, I don't do triathalons etc. but I have headed groups that do and "maybe" the acquaintances I've made who do participate can get benefits for local charities.
    Most of the people I actually like are "into" helping others. Thanks for sharing. DDD