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    I have over the years already contacted what little there is here. the person I spoke with today was discouraging. With the budget cuts the referal numbers are all in flux here as well.
    this is one of those places where you goggle your topic and up comes a used car dealership.
    So, after I had accepted that finding an answer that meets this real situation as it is I then began e-mailing all the addresses with a letter asking what do they recommend or where might I turn to find the bridge for my sons learning need.
    Particularly I am hoping to find a test that will clarify what is so so that he knows, and we know and then a means for the solution may pop out at us,or him.
    Also I wrote the teachers e-mails and the 504 and complained that already two weeks of my sons second semester has gone by sence they did know I want to meet and get the hang up unhung. And that with the additional weeks as they have it means one month of his time lost forever.
    For what any of that is worth. Who knows something good may come out of it.:anxious:
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    One resource that you might look into for educational advocacy is The Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health. They are a nationwide organization offering support, information, and advocacy, with branches in each state.

    They may be able to help you or refer you to another useful resource in your area. To check for an affiliate in your area:
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    What state are you looking for an advocate in? Did you try
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    /thank you both so much. I will get on it in the morning. I did talk to sometwos today one refered me to the one and only overworked and busy attorney who my fingers are crossed.
    The outsider view was very differant from the no can do type merry go round and I sincerly hope that this pans out asap. potentially he will have the supports at long last and hopefully the relief for him will be so empowering.
    It has hurt me watching him struggle over this for so long. and also other family members, my sister, my brother.
    It boils my blood that I have wasted so much time and been essentially an object of ridicule by those who all along need only have played the guide.