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    On friday we (husband, easy child, sister in law and I) were going to the assisted living place to measure the room and try to picture in our heads what she'd be able to take with her. We were leaving about an hour before Travis had to be at work. Now, assisted living place is almost right next door to krogers.....

    I told Travis we'd drop him off on our way. He often goes in early anyway. Nope. He had asked for a change in his "availability" at work, to 3pm-9pm hoping to make it easier for rides due to wacky school schedule this quarter. They'd ignored him. So he was going to prove his point by walking to work.

    Being rushed and having a dozen different things running thru my mind, what he'd said didn't quite register until he walked out the door. Then I was like What??

    I looked at husband and asked him if Travis had just said he was making a point about his availability hours (unable to get rides) by walking to work. husband said yep. :tongue:

    Only Travis, folks. lol

    So, when I picked him up at 11:30 that night I asked if he made his point. He said no, they didn't get it. So I said, do you realize that by walking to work you only succeeded in showing them you can manage to get there without a ride?

    He said yes, his manager pointed that out to him once he got there.


    He now works every single day next week. So then he says he was giving them his notice. Which of course I nixed.

    I swear........I didn't laugh where he could see me.:smug:
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    Gotta love that thought process!

    Bet he's way P.O.'d.
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    And I take it he gauged his walking time to get to work on time?

  4. flutterby

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    He sure showed them, didn't he? :tongue:

    It wouldn't hurt to point out to his employer, however, that with his disabilities it really isn't safe for him to walk home in the dark. Unless I'm wrong about that. But, that is definitely an accommodation that could be made under ADA.

    Does he use a white cane when he walks?
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    What will you do if he goes ahead and quits anyway? Just wondering.

    I do think that it isn't safe for him to be walking home in the dark, so if needed a case for changed hours under ADA could be made. He would have even worse vision at night than other people, so staying on the side of the road, or getting off the road if a car came, and crossing streets would be DANGEROUS.

    Interesting thought pattern of his though!
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    lol :D

  7. Hound dog

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    Yes, it most definately is......already. It's dangerous for Travis to walk anywhere and has been for years, day or night. Due to the brain damage he has severe spacial issues on top of the blindness. So he doesn't judge accurately the distance of oncoming vehicles ect. The boy scares me to death when he walks around town, even with his white cane. But to him it's a huge part of his independence so he won't give it up.

    If he loses his job, he's packed up and moved to my Mom's in Illinios. No work means he can't stay here. And if he quits/loses the kroger job.....the likelihood of him finding another in this town is pretty much zilch. Not only the economy, but Travis is limited by what he can do. We don't have very many stores. We're a small town.

    I'll talk with him today and tell him he needs to go to the union over this. As long as they end his shift at 9pm he would be fine....he can call a taxi up until 9pm. I would imagine the union will go to bat for him again, even if he has to contact the people in cincy again.

    His "logic" killed me. LOL