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    The kids (first thing) scoped out the campus while walking to the building. There's an inground pool, basketball court, 6 playgrounds (which easy child called way more awesome that any she's ever been to). An army general built this house for his family so it's huge, with awesome woodwork on the inside. I finished filling out paperwork after asking a couple questions. She showed us around, we met the lady who would be difficult child's therapist, and there were lots of questions. She told difficult child that he had to work really hard and be involved in his treatment ~ so he said, "If I get here and start working 600% will I get to leave soon?" She chuckled and said the least time he could spend would be 6 months, but most kids generally are there 9 months, however, some kids are there for almost 2 years. She talked about chores, therapy, making bed before leaving the unit, planned activities, etc. Once a month, the house gets a break from kids (or those that aren't restricted because of behavior). A bus drives on one highway and drops your child off to you at a designated time ~ our drop off location would be 19 miles away.

    They will work with us on discharge and reintegration back into the home, school, community.

    difficult child said he liked it and wants to go.

    We're going to shoot for next Wednesday for admission ~ hoping we'll get dr reports in and she'll get her form filled out and sent to the state for approval.
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    Ok so the subject line really doesn't fit ~ but remember the days of "Club medication" commercials? Fun, sun and socialization?

    It wasn't until thinking about it, but I wasn't meaning medication as in medication.
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    Cool. It definitely beat the Olden Days!!!
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    It sounds like a great place-I hope your difficult child does well there!