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    These past two weeks have been weird, to say the least.

    Last week we went to school only 2 days. (at the college) This was due to 2 snows and some ice.

    Then Monday was a holiday.

    Yesterday we went.

    Last nite we were to only get maybe 2 inches. I wake up to 5 and was still snowing. College is once again cancelled. So much for my Chemistry. Which is both a good and bad thing. Sigh. We were supposed to have a test today. While studying for it I realize I forgot how to calculate something I KNOW will be on the test, even though it's easy because I haven't been to class in a whole week. Instructor is right, trying to figure out how to do it from the book is all but impossible. Yet he made it easy when he showed us on the board. :slap: I won't have class for him again til Monday. I have no clue if we'll have the test or if we'll do the review we were scheduled to do last wednesday. So I'll study anyway and hope I can get these calculations figured out by then.

    The big snow was predicted for tonight. So we may not even have class tomorrow. (english) That one I won't complain about as we're writing a 10 page research paper and if it got anymore boring I'd be ripping out my hair. lmao

    Nichole and I were working hard on our anatomy homework and labs this morning. Travis came downstairs and asked us why we were doing school work when we had a snow day. Nichole shot back that online classes don't have snowdays. :rofl: At least we have one class that isn't falling way behind schedule. Although last week our proctored exam due dates kept getting pushed back cuz no one could take them since the school was closed. lol

    Weird part is that between the storms we had almost 60 degree whether. sheesh No wonder everyone is having upper respiratory problems.

    If this keeps up our winter quarter is gonna be so behind it's not funny. They cram alot into those two days a week for each individual class as it is.:rolleyes:

    But todays snow day let Nichole and I get all our online homework done early for a change. :laughing:
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    YIKES. I would lose momentum! I do best when I am getting the continous reinforcement on a topic. When I was in nurseing school, 9/11 happened and interrupted our clinicals, and then our school had a strike that messed up our schedule, it made it so much harder.

    yes, I know what you mean about this goofy weather. day before yesterday or so it was nearly 60 here, and while we only got a dusting of snow last nite, it did drop to windchills of 30 below, again. BRRRRR

    Good luck with the chemistry, I did great the first half, but the 2nd half I joined a study group, and we met with our professor - thankfully our professor was very willing to do that with us.