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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by ctmom05, Apr 27, 2010.

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    Netzero offers 10 free hours per month of dial-up, which I would like to try - but I don't want to mess up my ATT wireless DSL connection. Is it possible to configure a dial-up connection when you already have DSL wireless?
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    Travis says you can do it, but you won't be able to use your phone.

    ATT can be expensive, but back when we had Netzero........the dialup stunk. And I'm not just talking cuz it was dialup. Getting online could be next to impossible at times and you'd get knocked off line alot, pages timed out constantly. Of course they may have improved since then.
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    Having been a former dial-up user, I am well acquainted with the downside, but would still like to give it a whirl if I can get thru the install process.

    I downloaded Netzero, but am having trouble setting up the actual connections; the problem has something to do with the modem. My guess is that it's a realtively simple setting adjustment that I need to do .. .. .. but not being tech savvy is a bit of a drawback in this type of situation.
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    Do I need a different kind of a modem for dial-up than for wireless? I am that technically deficient that I don't know .. .. .. I was thinking that might be the problem.
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    Yes, a DSL modem is not the same thing as a standard modem. Modems today area software driven, so you no longer have to hassle with hardware conflicts and the like.

    Your computer likely came with a modem. Try plugging the phone cord directly into the modem jack on the computer. If you don't have an onboard modem you will have to purchase one. I recommend an external modem so you don't have to open the case to install a modem card.

    Modems are dirt cheap theses days, but can be hard to find because so many computers include them and so few people use dialup.

    Today's WWW is not dialup friendly. There's just too much content to go through modem bandwidth. That's why you are timing out all over the place. If you go with dial up, say goodbye to being able to watch video or listen to music online. Many websites just won't load at all
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    Tell me about it.
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    You don't use a modem for dial-up - at least mine didn't! I had dial-up for a long time because that's all that was available here, but I finally got high speed internet through the same company when it was available. And I didn't have a modem until they came to install the high speed internet. My house is super-old with only one phone jack in the whole house, in the living room. When I had dial-up I had just a regular phone cord that plugged into the jack, then it had a splitter with two lines coming off of it - one going to the computer and the other one going to my land line phone. The one for the computer plugged directly into the back of it. It was extremely slow and when I was on the computer the phone didn't work - people just got a busy signal. I installed a program that would put up a screen on the computer that would give the Caller ID info when a phone call was trying to come through. From that screen I could choose to answer the call, ignore it, ask the caller to leave a message, etc. If I wanted to take the call, it would cut off the phone connection to the computer and I would have to redial to get back on the internet.

    I was so glad to finally get the high-speed internet that I would NEVER want to go back to dial-up again. And I don't have to worry about possibly missing phone calls now. And some things I almost couldn't do with dial-up, like watching videos, because it was just so darn slooooow, it took forever for them to download. I actually could have got the high speed sooner but it's all through our local phone company and before, you had to get it in a 'packaged' bundle with the phone, internet, and satellie TV and I would have had to change to another satellite provider which I didn't want to do. As soon as they dropped the requirement to bundle with the TV, I jumped all over it!