Connor is 7 months old now...


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And it has been almost one year from when Marina went to jail. WOW. What a difference in a year.

Connor is just the center of the universe for everyone in this family. :) He is ALL over the place! Been crawling since 5 months and cruising along the furniture since about 6. Won't be long before little man is walking. We will soon be going on our first camping trip as a bigger family - really looking forward to it! Honestly, I think the biggest surprise has been how attached my husband is to Connor and Connor to him. Actually, to us both. If one of us is in the bedroom, Connor comes crawing or walking in his walker to our He has recently started crying when one of us walks away... :(

We are babysitting almost every night. Marina has been kicking butt at work and gets a lot of hours now. She is on very good graces with probation and the judge. They lessened her requirements and are discussing dismissing her this summer because she is doing so well. Last time we went to court she couldn't wait to show Connor to the judge because as she said, he helped save what she has today. :) She is still not dating anyone and has no desire to. Connor is her world and she doesn't want anything interfering with that.

Connor's great aunt (the woman that works for my husband that we know and love) now knows she is his great aunt. :) My husband called her into his office and told her. She is thrilled. She said she knew there were two babies but had no idea that one of them was Connor. The rest of the family is looking forward to meeting him as well. A hole, of course, is still in jail. He has not called or written to Marina. He talked to the other baby momma and told her to tell Marina to put money on his account and he will call her. HA. That did not go over Needless to say, Marina is not putting a dime on his account. I am trying my best to keep my mouth shut and stay out of that situation. We will keep Connor safe when he does get out. That is for sure.

So, just wanted to give another good update. I am still here keeping up with you all - just don't always have time to post unfortunately. I'm off to shower and get ready. husband and I have the day off from babysitting so we are going golfing and have that together time. Tomorrow we are babysitting 12 hours. (And as I am typing, they just tried calling her in to work today - um NO, it is my ONLY day off from babysitting and I have plans!) LOVE my grandbaby but gramma needs a break now and then... :)


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What a wonderful update PG, proof that addicts can change and turn their lives around. I am so happy for all of you and especially baby Connor who has the love of extended family and wonderful grandparents to help guide him.

I hope someday your difficult child can help others struggling with addiction see that there is a better life for them. Enjoy your day off.


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PG what a great update... thinking back to the hard times you all had this is just a ray of hope for us all!!! I am so glad that both your daughter and grandson are doing so well!!


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Awesome update! So glad to hear you guys are doing well.

My baby turns 7 months today. He hasn't crawled yet, nor does he have any teeth. It's so interesting how they reach developmental milestones in their own way, in their own time.


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Thanks for your uplifting update. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to see one of our board difficult child's turn their life around. I am so happy for you.



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I am always so thrilled to see that Marina is still sober and living a happy productive life for her son's sake. What a blessing little Connor is for ALL of you.



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God is good ! In His time, and as you know that wait is do hard, but when we stop trying to fix it all, and turn it over to him, miracles can occur. Great update.

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I love reading these updates, and seeing pics of Connor and his Mommy and Grammy on facebook! So happy for you!


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Wow, late happy 7 month birthday to the lil guy. They grow so fast. I swear it was just yesterday that Monkey was that age and I blinked and she is now in 2nd grade!


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They sure do!!!! I never in a million years would have imagined the love we have for that little baby boy!! ♡♡

Found out that Marina has the whole weekend off! We are all going camping - can't wait to spend the weekend with my family. ♡♡

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