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    Connor and I got there 40 minutes late on Friday - when we got there, one of the women was like, oh, M is going to be SO happy!! I heard another client tell M "I told you so!!". Then M appeared at the doorway (they are not allowed to be outside with anyone visiting) and she was crying. She was worried we weren't coming. :( Connor saw her, smiled and pointed at her - which was awesome. :) He frowned when I was leaving but I knew he would be fine as soon as I left. There were SO many kids there!

    husband was going to go with me on Saturday but I had him stay home and cook dinner. Since it was Valentine's day I knew we would not get into any restaurant once we left the rehab and I did not want fast food. M told me that Connor woke up crying for her every hour (she was sleeping with him - I think he was crying for me since I have been sleeping with him about every night for the past three months) but I didn't say anything. She was already teary eyed and sad knowing that Connor would be leaving with me. M actually said she was sad that dad didn't come because she was looking forward to seeing him. But I told her he will be at the next one which would be a much longer visit anyway.

    Turns out it was a good thing that he wasn't there. Granny led our co-dependency meeting. (Granny is the one that started this place - she is SUCH an amazing woman!!!!!). Granny is about "getting real" so she asked M what was wrong because she was teary and M mentioned how she was sad that her baby boy would be going home. Granny then told her that if she never picked up another drug, she will never have to worry about saying goodbye to him again. She then told the room that pain was a great motivator. So our topic was about getting past your past. About how yes, bad things happened in the past - 60% of the women there had been molested in their youth and how easy it was to use that as an excuse to keep drinking and drugging but that was not right. That they needed to acknowledge what happened and move on. So she went around the room asking what hurts each girl was holding on to. When she got to M, M mentioned the molestation from my mother's husband and that she was left not feeling protected and loved. I lost it and we were both crying - Granny told two counselors to grab us immediately and bring us to the office for private family counseling stating that M needed this. So we had a really good hour long counseling session. M cried about the things she had done to others; robbing, stealing, and hurting people. She admitted that at first she was minimizing her addiction because she was comparing herself to others and she can't do that. She finally sees her own problems and how bad they were.

    It was a really good session and we are making headway. The lead counselor told M when she first got there, Georgia was reality and M was way over in Hawaii somewhere with ocean around her. She said M was now in Texas. Not quite Georgia yet, but on the right route! :)

    And our relationship is just getting better and better. She actually kissed me goodbye on the lips. <3 She has never done that.

    I really, really wish I could convey how amazing this place is. There was a newcomer there at the meeting - her parents drove 6 hours to attend the codependency class. She kept saying she couldn't believe they were there. She was so happy. Still brings tears to my eyes thinking about it.

    I have been wanting to give back in some way and I think I know how I am going to do that. They have that GoFundMe site - I am going to set one up for scholarships for other women who have nothing to be able to attend this rehab. (Even though I don't think they turn down any woman who wants help regardless if they have a penny to their name or not). I want to help ensure that Granny can keep doing her miracles... <3

    Normally we would attend church with M on Sunday mornings but they called me Sunday morning at 6:30am. I got two calls, both rang once and hung up. I panicked and called back. The lady that was calling answered the phone crying so I was really concerned. Turns out due to the weather they were not going to church and M didn't want me to show up and be concerned when she wasn't there. :) No idea what the lady was crying about but she seemed to get better as we were talking.

    One week away from M's second month in rehab and she is still loving where she is and doing SO well. I am an extremely happy momma...
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    Thank you for sharing. It is wonderful to hear some good news once in a blue moon.
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    PG, this place sounds wonderful! Love Granny!!!!

    More than that, your daughter is wonderful. I can not see her as a lifetime drug addict. She relapsed. That happens. She is a good person with a loving heart and I have all my body parts crossed that she can do it right this time. She has so much potential to be an awesome mother. You are wonderful support for her and your grandbaby.
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    PG - it all sounds so good!! I am so glad.... and it as always is one step at a time.
  5. She is on the right path. She only relapsed because she didn't get the help in time she needed.
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    Absolutely, positively agree...she is so determined to not ever live that life again. She swears her situation was a matter of life or death and she says she is choosing life. She is going to come out of this an even better, stronger woman and mother... <3 The counselors told her that she is going to have a powerful testimony after this!!
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    PG, Princess didn't just quit like that. She quit, then relapsed several times, which is why we finally had to make her leave and get her out of town. The peer pressure to keep using was very hard on her. But your daughter reminds me of my daughter. She is strong. She will make it. She loves her little boy just like my daughter is the bestest mom ever to her little girl. We have daughters who have w hat it takes to lave that life. Relapse is unfortunately sometimes part of recovery. Both of our girls were doing meth (right?)...not easy to walk away from. But I'm sure M will do it and be a great mother. I am as proud of her as if sh e were mine. She does not fit the profile of a drug addict and probably hates the drug lifestyle as much as Princess did.

    I'm so very happy for your family.
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    Oh PG that is wonderful news!! I'm so happy for you and M and especially for Connor. Needed to hear some good news. Thank you!