Could use a good thought, difficult child applied to local college+

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by Signorina, May 21, 2013.

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    He's hoping to attend f/t in the fall. Its a good school, metro branch of the same state uni he attended. Based on his current gpa, it's a very long shot but his extenuating circumstances and stellar HS performance may give him a chance. I know that we have a long road ahead but this is a step in a better direction. He came to me for advice on what to write in the optional "anything else you'd like us to know before considering your application?" And I told him to to stress that he lost his educational focus after being badly injured after an assault his first week at school. He alluded to sharing his "family problems" but I ignored it and told him to mention that he failed his final semester after dropping out halfway thru & not recognizing the need to formally withdraw. So, I could use some juju he gets in.

    He's paid off his school tuition debt which is another good step. I mentioned earlier that I am very concerned that he may be setting himself up for a fall with the unrealistic graduation goals he has set for his education but we'll cross that bridge if & when we get there. So, we're nowhere near out of the woods. He is usually his own worst enemy and he has stated that he won't lower himself by going to a lesser college or !gasp! a community college. (So much for goals, Know what I mean?? Better no college than a lesser school, crazy)

    Long road ahead regardless, but I am fearing that a rejection will be the catalyst for a return to active self destruction or worse, self destruction coupled with- a a decision to return to his former college town. His recent signs of stability are so promising but also too tentative to sustain him thru a rejection I think. I know I need to let go.
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    {{hugs}} for you and good thoughts for your difficult child.
    We go through the same thing on a regular basis, and my difficult child isn't even out of HS yet.
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    Of Sig I really hope he is,accepted. I like the losing focus part and think this is something they don't read all the time, most people would just try to ignore the elephant. Crossing all body parts.
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    He's making real progress. I'm thrilled for you!!

    Does this school have a forgiveness policy for the term he blew and didn't withdraw?

    *Praying he is accepted...and that this continues.
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    Keeping fingers crossed and sending positive thoughts!
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    Chiming in to wish you and your difficult child lots of good luck!!!
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    Got everything pretzeled over here!! Sounds like positive steps!!
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    Sending good juju your way!
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    Hugs, you got my juju
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    How many schools has he applied to? I worked for years with high school seniors so I have a little experience along these lines. I suggest he apply to no less than five schools. First, he should apply to his "pie in the sky school" which is the most difficult school to get into but that he still likes anyway. Second, a community college where he will be accepted rather easily. That will insure that he will be in a college next year no matter what, and that is important. Third, fourth, and fifth schools should be his middle-of-the-road schools. State colleges, and schools of similar stature. Now, it is May which is very late in the application period, so chances are slim at this point because most schools have filled their quotas already by February or March. However, he might want to consider applying for the following year and use next year as a personal growth year. A lot of kids enter college way too soon, and it might be to his advantage to take a year and get it together before entering. As far as his personal letters, it would be to his advantage to discuss his issues and how he has overcome them. Letters like that are actually a good thing. They show an individual who has faced problems and who has dealt with them. That shows mature behavior, and schools need that. Best of luck to him and you.