couple of homeschool questions Illinois


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My daughter (easy child) tells me she has many friends who homeschool. SHe said we could get textbooks thru our school. (I am not sure I want to, and I know my sons IEP called for a 2nd set at home which we have never gotten before, they said they never had enough and this year the kids did not even get textbooks except to share some occasionnaly in class- mostly they are using paper copy pages they use and give back daily)

I have also heard homeschooled kids can participate in sports etc and go on school field trips. (if I did do this, I WOULD also chaperone)
My dtr said there are 2 homeschooled girls in her chorus class, too.

I am not having much luck at the state board website. DO you know anything about this?



Your daughter is correct and the good news is she is talking about kids in YOUR SD. I never thought they would be so accommodaitng to anyone. That said, they may not be accommodating to you because of your Hx with them.

I read someplace (can't pull out the cite out of my head but I did read it) that IL was rated "the third best" state to homeschool in because of the lax laws and supervision AND the required supports (such as mentioned by your daughter) If this is true, (the statement was made by a national homeschooling group), then it's the ONLY place IL ranks third in anything in regard to children and services.

I would do a web search on homeschooling support groups rather than the ISBE website (which tangentially, I find pretty useless for anything.)

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OK thats about what I thought, as well, on all counts. THanks, and yes I read the same about homeschooling in IL, and no I cannot remember where either.

I guess all I can do is ask and try. Seems the worst that can happen is they say no.

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It's fairly common for homeschooled students to attend specialty classes such as music or higher level science courses and they may participate in sports. I've never heard of kids attending the field trips unless they were enrolled in the class that was taking the field trip since field trips are supposed to be justified by their connection to the curriculum. Field trips with a local homeschool association or organized by the parent would probably be a better route.