Court Continued His Case


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easy child/difficult child just called. His PD asked for a "medical continuance"
and the S.A. said "we have no objection". Judge set the next
date for September 11th. Let's hope there is no significance to
the date!

The Judge did not mention my letter and I don't think either attorney is aware of it's existence. Phew/Whew! My talk with the PD and the medical stuff I faxed him must have at least caused some analysis. Thanks for the ongoing support. DDD


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Deb and I must be twins. I'm still twisted every which way, too.

Where's my other separated at birth twin, Suz?



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I am going to see how things settle for the next week. Even if
the "system" decides to insist on prison (geez, it really is
dumb...although, obviously, not funny) there would be time to
bring in the big guns to help. So long as easy child/difficult child continues to
say not guilty, they can not mandate a punishment with-o a longer
time period etc.

I have already pushed as much as I feel I should locally. This
is one weird place and if I push too hard, "they" may decide to
prove their power. It's precarious but I am temporarily comfortable.

Of course, it always helps to know I have you guys backing me
up! DDD