Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by pasajes4, Nov 10, 2015.

  1. pasajes4

    pasajes4 Well-Known Member

    Son was due in court in Waco yesterday for the abuse case against the Texas Juvenile Justice department. I have no idea if he went or not. His friend would have to drive him there. I am not calling him to ask. He wants to run his own life. This is part of it.
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  2. Tanya M

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  3. Childofmine

    Childofmine one day at a time

    Pas...I know you are letting go and I also know how hard it is.

    Praying that he is making the kind of progress and next steps he needs to make in his own life.

    Praying you are okay and are also moving forward in your life.

    What a journey! Who ever would have thought how hard it would be...

    We are holding you close here.

    Hugs, Pas.
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  4. New Leaf

    New Leaf Well-Known Member

    Oh Pas, my thoughts are with you. Yes, this is part of it. Knowing that, doesn't make it any easier.
    Stay strong, best wishes for you and your son.
  5. HeadlightsMom

    HeadlightsMom Well-Known Member

    P4 -- Sending all best wishes your way that your son chose to be responsible for his life. But I am very impressed (and agree with you wholeheartedly) that you not calling to ask is a good decision. It gives him the opportunity to choose to become the man he can be.

    Still, I know it's not easy at all. I'm impressed with your strength. Take care and keeping a prayer for your family.
  6. pasajes4

    pasajes4 Well-Known Member

    I hope he did go. It might help other kids not have to go through something like that. I also can understand why he would not have wanted to relive it. It was always his call.
  7. Copabanana

    Copabanana Well-Known Member

    Me, too. I hope he went.
    Me too. When he was missing during that horrible time I worried that somebody associated with the prison had something to do with it.

  8. Scent of Cedar *

    Scent of Cedar * Well-Known Member

    I am here too, pasa.

    I remember we were posting about the height and shoe size of this son of yours before this happened. So, I have a mental imagery of him, and I like to think about that, and believe with all my heart that whatever he is doing, he is okay.

    I miss my son, too.