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    has a difficult child, who sees the same psychiatrist as my difficult child!! what a small world. I do not even remember how we got on the subject, but her difficult child has what sounds like very severe anxiety. It was so nice to be able to talk (to a real person, no offense meant) about medications, pharmacies, and cost of medications with someone who has the same insurance!! I was getting all riled up before we figured out she gets scrips for 30 days as they are not sure of the medications difficult child needs, and my difficult child is fairly stable(knock on wood) so we get scrips for 90 days. It was so nice.
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    I have the same situation. In fact, when we were looking to switch to a new psychiatrist a few years ago, she gave us his name and we love him-he is great with difficult child. It is nice to have someone at work who gets it!
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    I have only ever said that my son was "special needs" to my boss - his sister has Downs - so special pretty much covered any day off - etc. While he largely doesn't "get it" he gets people having to go and do, due to the needs of a special needs child via his parents.

    Better than the last screaming banshee I worked for.
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    probably helps that I work in a hospital, but there are still many ignorant people in healthcare when it comes to mental illness, especially when it comes to children.