Dang - trying to get rid of "stuff"

Marcie Mac

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Maybe in a former life I died during the Great Depression and lost everything I had and now have some kind of psychic urge to keep "stuff"

Seems like everything has some sort of memory attached to it (which is the reason I STILL have my first car, a 78 Fiat, sitting in my garage that someday.....) and I just absolutely struggle to discard. Do I really need my first blender that I bought for my first apartment back in 1970 LOL Sheets that belonged to my grandmother for twin beds that I don't own but I remember sleeping on when I was small??

I don't think I qualify for "horder" - am talking about 10 boxes mostly kitchen stuff and knick nacks in the garage, a few boxes of the kids "stuff" from grade school, trophies, soccer stuff, first drawings from kindergarden (my oldest will be 37 this year) LOL But someday I may need a punch bowl at the last minute(another 1970 item that I used once)

Am plugging away room by room sorting thru but jeeze..do I really need to get rid of my collection of Depression Glass that is soooo pretty (a lot of it my Grandmothers) and I don't have the room to display it.. what if I buy a bigger house someday..
(yeah right, I have lived in the same house since 1985)



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well, you couldn't use the sale of the old house as a down-payment for the bigger one...you wouldn't be able to sell it...too many memories...

Still trying to clean around the junk in MY house!!!



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Marcie, there really is pleasure in downsizing, I've found. When I got divorced and moved here, I was merciless. That first year I'll bet I went through things every month or two. I gave away or donated tons of stuff. I thought I would have serious regrets about getting rid of so much but only a couple of times have I even given it much thought.

Now that I've been here for 3.5 years I find that I need to downsize again because I'm starting to accumulate and I DON'T WANT TO!

Go for it, Marcie. You will love the freedom it affords.


Stella Johnson

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I am the same way but only with difficult child's stuff. I have her first everything. Part of my problem is that I feel so bad about not having her baby books and first photos. Ex would never give them to me.... now he lost them when he was off doing who knows what for 4 years.


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I invited a friend over who I knew would take charge; called in 1-800-Got-Junk & for under $300 had 3 rooms in my home totally decluttered. husband, kt & myself had one final roam through & that was it - the rest was hauled off by total strangers to be junked, donated or recycled. I'm planning on this statetgy for this coming fall for our basement.

The big success here was my friend - she didn't bat an eye at one thing. I gave her the list & trusted her to follow through it was followed.


I am that way with the kids stuff. Still have his first bike(when he was 2). Was finally able to part with his wagon this year. I actually cried when someone walked off with it. Still have easy child' tricycle. difficult child didn't have a tricycle, had every other toy ever made. Have a large plastic box with easy child's and difficult child's first drawings, every report card ever given. I have easy child's first speeding ticket! Love letters I came across when he was in high school. Oh..if he only knew what I had in that box!

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My kids treasures are stored away in a huge lockable trunk. When I'm tired of having it around it will get passed on to my kids to decide what they want to do with them. (just like my Mom did us kids, and her Mom did before her lol)

As for that depression glass...... It's probably worth something. Might want to check with an antique dealer before making a decision on whether or not you want to part with it.

I am soooo not a person that holds on to things. Just ask husband, who is the exact opposite. lol I thought he'd stroke when I got rid of his silk shirts from the 60's that were a size 16. Oh, yeah right like he would EVER fit into them even on the off chance those outragious patterns would return to high fashion. :rofl:

If it isn't used within a reasonable time in my house it is disposed of, either by yard sale, donation to charity, freecycle, or the trash. lmao


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Don't get rid of the Depression Glass. I believe there is some value to it. You could sell it on E-Bay.

You could sell all of the "stuff" on E-Bay. That way you are still getting rid of it, but you are not throwing it away. Of course the bonus is you can make some money off of it.

Take some of the Depression Glass to an antique dealer and see what it may be worth or surf through E-Bay to see the value.


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I had sold some depression glass my Dad gave me, it was worth something. But, I regret it now since Dad has died. Chuck the old small appliances but lovingly keep that glass!


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Marcie, I would hang on to the depression glass too. Some of it has become very valuable. If you want to get rid of it, you could find a trustworthy antique dealer who specializes in glass and let them appraise it. There's a ton of it on eBay. You could value it pretty accurately yourself by finding similar pieces on eBay and see what they're going for.

Or, you could send it all to me... :salute:

(just kidding!)


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I am in the middle of decluttering too. We just have too much stuff and it is cramping our style. I just get so overwhelmed, it isn't funny.

And my husband will not go through anything. When we moved out of my parents' house 2 years ago he refused to pack anything. He moved furniture and boxes, but that is it. Would not unpack anything, still won't put anything away other than clothes. Drives me crazy.

I am determined to sort through all this stuff.



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Can you start giving stuff to the kids?
If you ever have a yard sale, make sure you have the "I'm not bringing it back in the house" mindset. My sister always prices her stuff too high and has to haul back in EVERY year!! When I had my yard sale I marked cheap and even had a free pile. Let someone else figure out what to do with the stuff. It's quite liberating!!!!