Daring the Alli diet - anyone else in?


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<span style="color: #003300">Well............I just bought the Alli pills, and am going to attempt the diet. Anyone else trying this too?

I know, I know, the side effects sound evil - but I have hope that if I eat only 15g of fat per meal I will be OK. Right?
Then again I could be in serious denial. I know how those late night munchies creep up on me!!!!

We will see........... I have about 30 pounds to lose. On that note, in the Alli weight loss book it says the normal weight for 5' 6 is 167lbs - what? That is what I am and I know I am fat! I will have to look up the right amount for 5' 6 online.</span>


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Okay, you have to let me know how it works!

Do you ever watch the Colbert Report? He reported on this and gave quotes from the Alli website. I thought for sure one of them was a joke, but I checked it out.

The Alli website actually recommends you wear dark pants in the beginning in case you accidently BM in your pants...Ewwww!

Anyways! I started a diet and its low on fat, so I've thought about adding Alli pills to it, but I'm mortified of the possibilities.

I have 100 lbs to lose, I'm only 5'3 and 3/4. The 3/4 is very important! hehe. I weighed 240 when I started my diet. I have a long way to go and any help would be great. I've gained all the weight I lost 2 years ago, and then some. I was down to 186, thats the kind of year I've had. Made me realize how I do eat when stressed. Now I have to watch myself like a hawk. I don't even realize when I pick up food half the time. Its just a knee jerk reaction. Since starting my diet last week, I've had to conscientiously think about food, which makes trying to forget food very difficult. It stinks too, because I absolutely love to cook.

Like the old saying goes "Never trust a skinny cook"...well, I'm fat and there is a reason. My food is filled with it, but tastes great.

Let me know if it goes well! Good luck with it!

Sue C

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I do not plan on using the Alli pills.

I found a website where you enter your weight, height and age. It is interesting in that it calculates what the average woman THINKS their weight should be and then it shows you what is the correct weight medically...given in a range.

Anyone have another/better site to check out?

Someone once told me it's not the number of pounds you see on the scale, it's how you feel about yourself. Do YOU feel you are overweight? I know I have that fat around my middle and need to try to lose it! So I really have no idea what weight I "should be," but I will know when I'm looking better. :wink:



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My problem is not that I don't feel comfortable in my own skin, its that my family has a history of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

I don't even realize how fat I am until I see pictures of myself. My self esteem is fine until then. Then its still fine, but with a strong dose of reality.

I am way over weight and I need to do something about it. So I'm dieting. But if I hit a plateu (sp?) I have no problems trying something like Alli. I'm not sure I'll try diet pills that speed you up ever again, but this just keeps your body from digesting the fat it takes in. The side effects are gross if you are eating fatty foods, but if you're already dieting and you don't incur these side effects, I say go for it. If it helps to shed some unwanted/needed pounds and make you healthier as a whole, I'm all for it.


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<span style="color: #003300">AllStressedOut - Mat and I saw that Colbert Report (I absolutely love that show!) and it was so funny cuz Mat was in the store when I bought the Alli, and he stopped - looked at me - and said
"Mom, are you freakin' crazy? You know, I mean -you know - what can happen with that - right?" It was funny - but I am always up for a challenge.

So, I will try it starting tonight. I am the only one in my family that is overweight, and I cannot stand it anymore. I agree it is how you feel about yourself, and that is my exact problem - I feel horrible! My whole life I was a size 6, and then.........uh............I grew! Not to mention, I have to get back into the dating scene, and I cannot do it feeling fat.

So I will let you guys know............ Here's to my former fat filled, eat as I please, stress induced eating - and onto a better life</span>.


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They were making fun of it on the View and said it was the "poop orange grease" diet. That is a little too scary for me.
I heard the average weight loss is seven pounds, but have not found where that is documented.


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I agree the side affects are nasty if you don't limit your fat intake. But if you're dieting, you need to limit your fat intake anyways. If this helps lose more pounds than you would on just a low fat diet, then why not try it? Just make sure you keep your food low fat and always bring a change of clothes.

As the website says itself "Wear dark pants"...hehehe, thats just too funny.

It sounds like the side effects aren't the same if your diet is low in fat. I want to know if that truly is the case so I want a full report and don't hold anything back!


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>If it helps you, go for it. I haven't tried it but if I ever have an opportunity I probably will try it. It's all a tool to help you. I bet the folks on tv who protest the most are using it.
Good luck.</span>


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I started, and so far so good. But I am sticking to low fat. The other day I had to go to a sweet 16 and knew what I was eating wasn't going to be low fat, so I didn't take it. I just limited what I did eat and had more salad. I think if you eat low fat, and use commen sense when it comes to something that isn't low fat, you should be ok. But I will keep updated....