Darn. This. Dog.

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  1. klmno

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    Remember our post on what we loved about T-day leftovers? Well, difficult child and I love turkey sandwiches. I sliced off the best pieces of white meat Fri evening and had it all neatly wrapped and saved. I had a small paper plate of leftover pieces to give to the dogs as treats. difficult child and I had a sandwich out of our plate on Sat and we were going to finish it off with sandwiches tonight. So, I laid out both the dogs' plate and ours tonight on the stove. I went in the kitchen a few mins later to heat up our turkey and make our sandwiches.

    You already know where this is going don't you?

    Yes, the darn dog was quietly licking the plate that had difficult child's and my turkey on it. She had already eaten every bite of it. :sad-very:The little plate with a few small pieces for the dogs was left on the stove. :surprise:I am so mad at this dog!! :angry-very: :sad-very: And, need I say that she looks 3 inches wider?:faint:

    So, I have stooped to a much lower level now. I gave the other dog the "doggie" plate of turkey scraps. And I heated his up for him. Now, won't that teach them... HUH?
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  2. mstang67chic

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    Remember Taz? That sweet, angelic, innocent face???

    Uh huh.

    Not so angelic.

    There was a guy once where I worked who was leaving. The night before his last day, I made a cake to take in. I had it sitting on the BACK of the stove, cooling before I frosted it.

    Taz ate half.
  3. maril

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    Sorry, but I had to laugh. :cool_dog:Just think - what if that would have happened on Thanksgiving Day or maybe to Christmas dinner??? Have you seen A Christmas Story (the part where the family goes out to eat after the neighborhood dogs help themselves to the turkey...) Funny. One of my favorite movies.
  4. KTMom91

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    This reminds me...my mom had a black cocker spaniel. Nice dog, but not at all trained. We caught her standing on the dining room table emptying a platter of cold cuts. My brother yelled, "Down!" The dog sat down on the table and looked at him.
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    I truly had the best, most well-trained Old English you could have ever met. Squeaks never jumped on people, never licked, stayed until you told him to move and so on. However, when he was about 18 months old, he had gotten most of his manners down but there was one major flaw -- if food was available, he'd get it and, of course, he was big enough to get it from everywhere. He'd eat the cat food, a sandwich put down for a half a second (he once grabbed it from my hand), ANYTHING. The dog wasn't picky. Not. even. a. little. So, I'm fixing dinner for New Year's Eve. Myself and 5 other adults. Food was cooked and being placed in their proper containers. The ham -- all 8 lbs of it -- was sitting with tin foil tented over it on the counter. I HAD to go to the bathroom. I mean I couldn't wait another second. Not a problem. Squeaks will follow me to the bathroom. He ALWAYS follows me to the bathroom. Yup, he's right behind me but there was a delay. Good, don't have to worry about the ham. Do my stuff, go back in the kitchen. The ham has disappeared. Not on the counter, not on the floor, the aluminum foil tent is smashed. I look outside and there's Squeaks, laying down in the snow (and he HATES snow), chomping away. Before I could get it, the whole ham was gone. Not only did we not have any meat that evening, we had the joy of listening to a dog toss his cookies every 15 minutes for about 3 hours.

    Critters and food. You gotta love 'em but they can be a truly dangerous mix -- either you want to kill the critter or the food will try.
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    LOL!! And of course, afterwards they always know how to give you that "look" that keeps you from tossing them out to sleep in the cold!! She looked at me with those big black eyes and little baby nose and would start to wag her tail, then cower down and look sheepish. difficult child forgave her right away. Not me. I chastised her until difficult child took her to bed at his bed time.

    Yep, gotta love em, but darn, I would have loved that sandwich too!!
  7. mom_to_3

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    Our springer spaniel, years ago, helped himself to a couple, special from the butcher steaks that I had left on the bbq tray unattended for about 2 seconds. I think I just blinked and he helped himself. He did enjoy his treat that night!
  8. witzend

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    Bubba can swallow a giant Costco Croissant (about 8" across) in the same bite that he uses to grab it into his mouth, whole, in one fell swoop. Need I say more?
  9. susiequte

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    We had a German Shepard when I was growing up. One day, mom cooked a nice big roast for Sunday dinner. We had company coming. She took the roast out of the oven and placed it on the table.......she went into the living room to have everyone come in and sit down for dinner.........but it was too late!!! The 100+ pound dog had his two front paws on the table and the roast was all but gone. I don't think I've ever seen her get that angry before!!!
  10. mrscatinthehat

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    I have to say that it gets even worse when the cats help the dogs. I had a pumpkin pie on the back of the stove that one of the cats knocked on the floor for the dogs one year. That and we had to put a latch on the freezer portion of our refridgerator as they figured out how to open it and would send frozen anything down to the dogs.

    It's bad when one species steals from you but when the other aids and abets it just isn't fair to the humans.

  11. Lothlorien

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    I'm glad I have a small dog!

    When I was a kid, though, we had a shepherd/husky mix. My stepmom used to leave the meat in the sink to defrost. So I came home one afternoon, after school and there was nothing there. I call her and ask...there was a whole frozen chicken. Nope, not there. I look in the freezer...nope. Later, I found the tiniest piece of wrapper in the back of the kitchen. The dog had eaten the whole thing...bones, wrapper and everything. My parents were worried about the chicken bones splintering and took the dog to the vet, but he was okay. They figured since the thing was frozen, the bones didn't splinter.

    Stepmom only let things defrost in the oven(off of course) after that. The dogs hadn't figured out how to open the oven door. Though we did have a Great Dane prior to that who could open door knobs and the refrigerator.
  12. klmno

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    I have to add - I don't know that the size of the dog changes much, except maybe the ability to reach more or eat faster. These are lhasa apsos in our house!!
  13. hearts and roses

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    These are funny stories!

    We had an old cairn terrier who hated his crate - I mean he hated the thing. Well, one evening while cleaning up after dinner, he snuck into the garbage and snagged a pork rib bone and ran with it and when H chased him down, he ran right into his crate! H couldn't get him out - he was snarling while his jaws were clamped down hard on that bone. H nearly lost a finger while wrestling with the little guy.

    The other day our other Cairn Nala jumped up on the chair and finished off the pumpkin pie. Sometimes while eating dinner, she will non-chalantly jump up on a chair and just sit there pretending to be a human, waiting to be served. I guess we don't help, feeding them from the table. H especially hates it when I feed them the leftovers from my fork!! Yikes - I know that's very bad!

    And easy child's puppy is quickly learning the most horrible begging tricks from Nala.

    Sophie's thing is to jump INSIDE the dishwasher to lick everything. I just think that is so gross.
  14. Abbey

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    You can see the dog. Ahhhhh....turkey. Actually, it doesn't probably matter what the food is, but they see FOOD. Try putting a brick of tofu out there and see what he does.

  15. klmno

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    That's it, Abbey! And the next flashing thought is "well, mom gave me a couple of bites of turkey last night- that plate full must be mine- I'll just take it NOW".
  16. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    One of the shepherds that my Mom rejected for police dog training became our dog. We were all seated at the table and my Dad was taking a steak out of the broiler.....the dog walked over and took the ENTIRE family steak off the broiler - flames and all!

    I hope your dog doesn't have turkey poots....UGH....not good.
  17. 'Chelle

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    Our dog is a food hound too, will eat anything. Once I made a roast for Sunday dinner and had sliced it & placed on a serving platter on the cupboard. I turned my back to grab something in the fridge, not 3 feet away not 10 seconds my back's turned, and turned back and the dog was up swallowing about 1/2 the meat as I yelled before she took off running. At least we had enough left for supper. OH, and yep she's a bit on the pudgy side now too LOL.
  18. mstang67chic

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    Did it! LOL Actuall my mom did for her dog. Come to think of it, I have no clue why my meat and potatoes mom had a brick of tofu but she did and gave it to Bo. (Bo was an outside dog and just a horse of a dog....think a canine version of a Sylvester cat except huge. Plus he would eat anything......but carrots. He'd spit those out. And lined them up in a line beside his bowl.)

    Anyhoo.....she sets this brick of tofu down for him. He, of course, comes running but stops when he sees it's something new and different. He sniffs, he circles, he sniffs some more. Then, still circling, he attempts these dainty little nibbles. Lips drawn back so that only a few teeth come into contact with the tofu and mind you...still circling. He did eat the entire thing but he didn't like it. He kept his lips off it the entire time but by God, he ate it!
  19. Abbey

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    Stang...that is TOOOO funny!!

  20. klmno

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    Mstang- that must be the infamous dog thought of "well, no one else is going to get it".