Decided to give difficult child the Risperdal

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    His dr. wanted to increase his adderall and give him risperdal, but I told him I had reservations about the side effects of the risperdal. He said he understood and that the decision to whether or not place him on risperdal was mine. I was against raising the Adderall since he was doing ok on it. I decided to give the risperdal a try. I am GLAD I did!! It has caused such positive changes for him. He is not as agitated, moody, or grouchy. He is not as easily frustrated. He is overall a lot more calmer!! It has also helped his sleeping and his appetite. I am so thankful I decided to give it a try because as of right now, it has been a godsend! I can't believe how much he is different. Daycare even told me today that he had the best day he's ever had there today. It was so nice Occupational Therapist (OT) hear that and it's been so nice at home lately because I think the risperdal helps his ODD s symptoms and he does things when I ask without complaining. He is also not as whiney. We go back in a few weeks so he can check him out. Yay! Jut had to share the good news!
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    What a great report! I hope the good behaviors continue.
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    I am so HAPPY for you!!! Risperdal was the second medication we tried with Wiz (adderal being the first) and it was incredible! Before medications he just went and attacked Jessie whenever the impulse came. After Adderall he was able to sit and PLAN when and where to hit her (where being body part AND part of the house), then carry it out. Risperdal took away the drive to hurt her for the most part.

    Be sure to check to see if any blood work needs to be done because the risperdal.

    Enjoy life with your difficult child!
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    That IS good news!

    We tried the risperdal and while difficult child 3 was in mainstream, it did seem to help him be calmer, more steady. But the benefit wasn't enough to justify the side effects (on my wallet!) especially once he left mainstream.

    And as for difficult child 1 - he gained a lot of weight on it, got chubby in fact, with no noticeable benefit.

    All the weight he gained - he lost it when he went off risperdal. He's back to being a stick insect.

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    I am glad the risperdal helped, it can be so amazing when you find the right medication.