Depakote seems to be working!


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difficult child has been on Depakote for 23 days, and I am now noticing a difference. He has not had any major "explosions" and is able to turn around any anger quickly. He just isn't getting angry like he used to...yippee! He also seems to be more "teachable." He is also much quieter overall. I hope this works long term.


Here we go again!
That's great to hear!

Funny, but my difficult child 2 is also allergic to eggs (hives) and at one point we thought he was sensitive to dairy (milder rash). We did the skin test almost 6 years ago, and I think we need to do it again to see if anything's changed...

We're at day #20 on Depakote, now 750mg. He doesn't seem to be getting angry as often, tho he still hollers loud enough when someone annoys him. At least he seems to be holding back and pulling his punches :smile:

We'll probably be adding a stimulant sometime later... much later I think. It sure did help him before, but was making him waaaay too tense, nervous, and with some manic symptoms.

Glad you are seeing some positive changes. I hope they continue for him.


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difficult child had a blood panel done to test him for 96 different food sensitivities. It was done with a finger-prick blood test. After seeing him come out sensitive to dairy, I read in The Bipolar Child that a lot of bipolar children benefit from "calcium blockers." I found that very interesting.

difficult child does not show any physical reactions to dairy. He is also on 750 mg of Depakote.