Dieting while on medications/no exercise


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I'm on several medications for autoimmune stuff, high blood pressure,facial nerve pain and other things. I use a compounded cream with Gabapentin in it ( and more stuff).

I also take: Elavil, Atacand, Baclofen, HRT (hormones), Zantac and occasional pain medications.

The Trigeminal Nerve pain in my face makes it close to impossible to exercise. I can last six minutes with my previous exercise fast walking on the treadmill. More than that and I get extreme pain. Not worth it. I just ordered a stretchy band tape, will try that soon. I can walk gently for about twenty minutes.

I'm gaining weight slowly but surely. My GP says I can go down to 900 very healthy calories daily since I'm only 5'2" I'm already eating very healthy most days. No flour, no sugar, little processed foods, lots of veggies....etc. She said to lose weight I would need to be very strict...what I'm doing now, but even more strict and only 900 calories.

MY QUESTION...for those on medications, do you think it's do-able to lose weight at my age (50+) while on lots of medications with very VERY LITTLE exercise...practically nothing?
Who has lost weight and kept it off while on lots of medications; ESPECIALLY with little or no exercise?
What is your method/secret????

Many thanks.


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You say your weight is creeping up... not going up by leaps and bounds. I wouldn't go too drastic, but here's what I've found (when I can stick with it).

1) drop the word exercise. Activity is vital, but it doesn't have to be the kind that gives you pain. 20 minutes of gentle walking is excellent. So is cleaning cupboards, re-organizing linen closet, or sorting out things to take to the thrift store. Anything that has you on your feet, reaching, bending, or otherwise moving.

2) for the sake of your bones, try to be off your backside (i.e. on your feet) for about 4 hours a day.

3) Start your meal with raw veggies... salad, carrot sticks, whatever suits your fancy. No mixed dressings - a bit of olive oil (you need some healthy fats anyway) and vinegar is fine. Stuff your self on this category. THEN eat some protein, maybe a bit of fruit.

4) Yes, drop out sugar, white flour, most bread. Whole grain cereal (old fashioned cooked cereal), pot barley, brown rice, and such are fine in moderation - after you eat your veggies.

I wouldn't be counting calories. 900 is so low that you might trigger your body into famine mode. Instead, focus on loading up on the high food-value and high fiber items, and cut the rest back.


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I lost weight on medications and kept it off, but no exercise at all? Are you unable to do it physically? It really helps to at least walk.


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Vibrations tend to bother my atypical Trigeminal neuralgia. I have facial nerve damage. However, I can walk gently and today, I did a seated stretchy band tape. It was wonderful. Kinda modified it just a little. The instructor was bouncing her head and body with the rhythm of the music, and I kept my head perfectly still etc. But it worked. I also ordered a light weights tape. So, fingers crossed that this works. So, I think I might try the two tapes (not on the same day) with a gentle walk in the neighborhood in between....relatively often. This is NOT near what I use to do before the nerve pain. However, at least I have found some things if seem to be able to do.

So, modifying my original post....VERY light exercise + medications....+ menopause....need encouragement. I like your ideas rabbit and insane. are soooo right on! For example, I have noticed I do better on the scale on days I'm feeling well and have done more physically (activity) even if it is just run a bunch of errands.

Tell me more MWM!!!! I'm avoiding sugar and flour and it really helps. But, it seems if I slip up (hubby's birthday) I might put on 3.5 stubborn pounds.


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You know, I have an acquaintance in a wheel chair and she does exercise from her chair with a physical therapist. You could probably get PT through your insurance and get at least some good stretches in.

I have to cut out sugar. I do use Splenda, which some people think is not good for you, but I do like sweetness. Plus I figure, I don't smoke or drink...I can use I also find if I don't eat after 6pm, I lose more weight. I drink only water at that time. Try it! :) Check back and let us know your progress! I'm sure you can lose weight! You GO, girl! :)

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To me 900 calories a day doesn't seem healthy (but, of course, I am not a doctor). Our trainer at bootcamp always says if you have to choose eating right or exercising then choose eating right.

I've noticed since stopping my hormones in February I just can't take off weight like before and that is without being on the type of medications you are taking.

I think making sure you are getting in lots of veggies and proteins along with some carbs is important. Also are you drinking enough water. I know when I don't drink at least 64 ounces it is next to impossible for me to lose weight.
I am also 5'2", and to maintain a healthy weight WITH exercising, I have to keep it under 1200-1300 calories a day. For a small-framed person who is inactive, 900 calories does not sound unreasonable. It's just hard to do. I have a hard time keeping it under 1300. All it takes is a beer or a brownie to send me over.

However, if you are not doing any kind of exercise, you will lose muscle tone which will make you burn calories even slower. Those elastic bands sound like a good idea.


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I have found the magic number that allows me to lose weight slowly. It's 975 calories a day. Not much at all. But, oddly, it is much better than 900. It somehow makes a difference. There is NO room at all, in the slightest, for goofing off. I eat only VERY healthy foods...such as homemade green drinks with kale and spinach,etc., sweet potato with a teeny tiny bit of organic butter, free range eggs, huge salads with lots of veggies and just a tspn of vinegar and oil, lots of water...etc. no sugar, no flour, no junk. Lots of healthy foods, particularly veggies both cooked and raw and protein. I really like the stretchy band tape. I am doing the "light version" three times a week and walking the dog a little two times a week. The tape has an advanced version, which I hope to do soon. I absolutely DO feel the burn in my arms! Hopefully, I can find something to build a little muscle in my legs that won't upset my facial nerve. I'm seated when doing the bands, but it is a decent work out. I think the advanced will be very good. I'm still not advancing much with weight loss, but I am making teeny improvements. I have to be diligent and consistent and YES drinking lots of water really helps. I very much appreciate the reminder, as that is an easy one to forget. I'm giving it all I got.
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For the next few months, ignore the scale, but use a tape (sewing tape, not construction style)... you will lose fat before you lose weight. Muscle weighs more than fat but is more dense, so the switch from fat to muscle shows on the tape measure long before it shows on the scale.

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Good Morning, Nomad


I read that you have settled on a good caloric intake, and I read the other great responses, too. There was information I wanted to post to you, but I thought it was too simple, and so, I didn't post it. But over the past few days, I would find myself wishing I had gone ahead and posted, so here is the post.

If we move with intent, if we are conscious of our muscles and posture and expression and attitude as we go about our daily activities, we will have better posture, and stronger core muscles. We will burn more calories, because it takes more calories to stand straight, to hold our stomach muscles firmly in place, to maintain a good posture to whatever degree we are able to do that. We will breathe better, expanding our lungs more fully whenever we think consciously about our lungs and our breathing and our bodies.

There is another place for you to focus intent.

On breathing.

On the inhale, consciously loosen the abdomen. On the exhale, consciously tighten the abdomen, clean up the posture, hold the chin up and smile with deep satisfaction.

It only takes a minute, whenever you think of it. Over time, you are different, stronger, happier, and better oxygenated.

Add Kegel exercises when you think of it.

Those kinds of centering, intentional actions will be very good for you I think.

Another way to tone without trying is to envision your spine, every vertebra, as being perfectly cushioned, perfectly supported, on a cushion of air.

The spine will lengthen, the chin will come up, the eyebrows will rise, as you breathe that imagery in and then, out again.

All these little changes, consciously begun and then, becoming the habit of our days, create profound and permanent change, over time.


Also, Nomad? If you consciously relax your shoulders, consciously relax your stomach, your feet, your eyes, that will be a good thing, too. I am always so surprised by the tension I carry in my face, especially. Just to become aware of those muscles and let go, just to let the corners of my mouth rise a little and the muscles around my eyes relax ~ these simple things make me feel happy.
Add a deep, relaxing breath during which you imagine the scent of something you love ~ morning, or baking bread, or something that smells so delicious to us resets our emotional take on the moment we are in.