difficult child doesn't have to go to court on 13th


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Why you ask???

Because he was supposed to be there today!!! Yikes!!

I was giving him a ride to the doctors office and I told him try getting ahold of his social worker again while I was with him so I could make sure he was asking the right questions and getting the correct information regarding not being the babies father. He had left her several messages last week and she never returned his calls. She actually answered, but said to him, you are supposed to be in court today. I read the paper myself and swore it said April 13, but it actually said April 3. Whoops!! He had to go straight to work after the doctors, so she didn't seem to concerned that he wasn't going to be there. She confirmed the dna shows the baby isn't his, and that the evidence will speak for itself and be entered as evidence in his defense and that he should call tomorrow and she will let him know what she hard. She said hopefully his name will just be expunged from the file and another court date will be set up for her, because guess what, she didn't show up either!!

He calls her and says, Sarah what day is court and she says, the 3rd, why what day is today? She then gets all nuts on the phone saying she can't get there and asking him why he's doing this to her????? He told her it's not his problem, he's the the father and has nothing to do with this anymore and that she's the only one who's going to get in trouble for not showing up, she knew the date and must not have any intention of showing up. She then calls him back and says she spoke to her social worker who said if they don't show up there benefits could be cut off. He called his social worker back and she said they can't do anything to him, he's not the father, but they can cut off hers.

I read the papers he was served and it sounds like he can't get in any trouble for not appearing. They state that he is required to appear to enter anything in his own defense and if he fails to appear a judgement will be entered for him. To me this means the DNA will be entered and it should be over. HOPEFULLY!!
I sure hope so too. I have little faith in courts doing the right or logical thing. I suppose it's already too late to show up?

"Why are you doing this to me?" !!! :rofl: Yeah, we speeded up the calendar just to get you... It constantly amazes me how some people can make anything be about them.

Fingers crossed! Ultimately you're on solid ground, especially since she didn't show either, I think. Probably the worst they can do is cost you some bureaucratic hurdles proving his innocence. Good luck.


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OOps...on the date! But I do have to laugh at how wingnut thought your son was doing this to her...omg...how on earth was he doing this to her! Like he smudged the papers and deliberately mislead her.

Oy vey.

Well...my wingnut has been missing in action since 8pm sunday nite. Cory is home and missing work since she conveniently told him she was running off to her moms house and would be right back. She was supposed to take him to work monday morning but she hasnt been home since and has only text messaged him one time since. He has the baby but no way to get to work and I am not getting stuck playing babysitter or taxi when this is their child. He is furious. I wouldnt mind babysitting if he throws her out but until then...NOPE!

So we are working on over 36 hours of mommy missing....can you say ticked!


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I could only be so lucky that our wingnut was missing :smile:

Like I've said before, once a wingnut always a wingnut.

It just kills me that she knew the date right off the top of her head when he asked, so how was it his fault she didn't get there. He had the wrong date because I read the letter and told him the wrong date, but she had the right one all along. I just wanted to slam his head against the window while he was on the phone with her, just for talking to her!!!


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Hey Karen, a belated congrats to you adn your son. I hope he takes advantage of this good news and does somethjing prosperous. I wish it could have been that way for my son, then by now he would have had at least 2 yrs in the Natl Gaurd, adn maybe things would be diff. for all of us.


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Phew Karen this is getting close to being OVER for good! I still feel so bad for that poor baby having her as a mother!

I am so grateful that I dont have a wingnut anymore, D and his wingnut broke off last year after 5 years of drama, the girl he is seeing now is very sweet and nice, I like her alot, she just walked in with an Easter Basket that she made for him.

Hopefull DJ will find a nice girl that will show him how two people in a realationship should behave and he will finally see how disfunctional wingnut is. He deserves to be happy



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Since she's living with her mother, what does it really matter if the support gets screwed up for a bit? They're not going to go cold or hungry. Lesson learned, hopefully.

All they were going to do to her was give her a strong lecture about rethinking who else might be the father and tell her that they were going to cut her off anyway without the correct name.



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Karen, just be sure that difficult child follows up on the results of today's court appearance....so, just in case something got goofed up, he can correct it now.



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Hey witz, she isn't living with her mother. Her mother kicked her out a long time ago and she rents an apartment that the state pays for, of course. I can't worry about her, though I do feel bad for the baby.

I hope someday he can really stay away from her for good. I don't even know if this is what will do it because for some reason she always sucks him back in, but I can't worry about that either. Right now I'm just happy that the baby isn't his and hopefully he will eventually move on.

I spoke to him last night and asked if he called his social worker to see what happened in court and of course he didn't!!! I am going to see him today, so I'll make sure he calls while I'm with him.


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Man, the things our kids get themselves into!

I loved the part where you posted that you wanted to bam difficult child's head into the window just for talking to wingnut, KFld.


Still, with wingnut having her own apartment....

What are difficult child's plans for the future?

Anything exciting enough to take him out of wingnut's orbit of friends and potential daddies entirely?