difficult child had enough of living with-internet dude....

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by dashcat, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. dashcat

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    and moved back to her dad's last night.

    Don't know the whole story yet (will I ever?), but she texted him and said she no longer wanted to "live like this" and he went and picked her up.

    They were in a motel, she was working and paying for everything. P (the dude) did not work, had no intention of working, had no money, no cell phone, etc. She went through a good bit of her savings and finally realized that she was not going to be able to get an apartment. Sheesh!

    I refused to have anything to do with the the situation - wouldn't drive her anywhere, wouldn't allow him to hang out here (but I did see her one-on-one). I'm not sure he's out of the picture entirely, but at least she's not shacked up with him anymore.

    Crossing my fingers that she comes to her senses and agrees - at LEAST - to see a therapist. There's nothing normal about what happened. I'm just glad she's safe.

    I feel guilty, a little, for being glad she's at DEX's and not here. I don't miss the drama.

  2. mstang67chic

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    Glad she's out of there!!!

    And don't feel guilty....divorced or not...you two are still parents to the same kid(s?). Let him have his turn!
  3. DaisyFace

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    Good! I'm glad to hear that it didn't last too long and that she got out before anything truly devastating happened...
  4. hearts and roses

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    Well, you knew it would just be a matter of time, didn't you?

    I'm so glad she's out of that hotel and away from P (loser)!!! Yeah - don't feel guilty; think of it as a guilty pleasure instead!
  5. DammitJanet

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    These things happen this way with kids these days. They fall in love on Facebook and expect it to last forever...lol. Next thing you know, she will be on Peoples Court suing him so get ready for that!