difficult child has had a good week....

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Hanging-On, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. Hanging-On

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    Yep, his babysitter has said that he hasn't cussed at her ALL week. :bravo: And his tutor (had the first class yesterday), said he is "bright, nice, alittle restless, but nothing compared to what he's seen before, AND that there is NO REASON why the SD should keep him out of school!!!". I really wonder if the hospital just totally bombed out on giving him the right medications. I know this is the first week on Abilify, and off of Zyprexa, and he may burn through this dosage of Abilify; but it's so nice to see his old personality again. He's really a very concerned generous compassionate helpful little boy.
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    It's always great to see your child come back!! I'm glad he's doing well and wish it continues for him, and for all of you.

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    I'm so glad that he is experiencing so many positives. I hope the medications continue to work for him and it just gets better and better. -RM