difficult child home from rehab almost 3 weeks now


difficult child was released from inpatient rehab on the 6th (11 days shy from the original 60 he was supposed to stay, but they thought he was ready). He had a rough start to rehab with attitude problems, fighting, non compliance, etc...But once he had been there for a few weeks and "surrendered", he whizzed right through the program. They even put him on the "patient council" which is kind of like a student council, minus the whole school thing. Anyway, since he's been home, we've drug tested him and he's been clean. He is still having normal "teen" issues (not cleaning his room, waking up late, etc...) but I would almost rather have that than the perfect child syndrome that lasts a few weeks before he starts his shenanigans again. He's been going to outpatient rehab twice a week. I am sad over the life he is missing out on because he's done this to himself (going to school, sports, prom, etc...) but I am happy with the progress he seems to have made. Right now, he is working with my husband full time during the day, and trying to keep himself busy at night. He's joined a church rec league for basketball, and through that he has started going to church Sunday and Wednesday nights, in addition to the nights he's playing basketball. We've never been very religious, so I'm intrigued that he is so interested in this now. He's still keeping with his goal to graduate in December, although now that he's home he doesn't want to go to the military. He keeps saying "I had to leave already once, this is where my life is and I'm not leaving again." Now his plan is to stay here and go to the local community college. I hope he is able to stay strong when August comes around and he is back around a not so great peer group. Not much to update, but it seems like it is just because he is home and not causing any drama. I haven't been able to report that since last November!


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thank you, thanks so much for letting us know how he is. It sounds like he is on a good course right now.

How are you?

I hope you can relax into the here and now and just appreciate the good. I am hoping that he got the wake-up call loud and clear and he is going to continue on this way.

Regardless, thank you, I hope you will spend time on YOU. Let him continue on, not being perfect, like you so wisely said, but living his life.

And you live your life. I am praying that things stay on an upward track for you and for him. Hugs to you! I'm so glad he is doing well.


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thank you that's a great update. I have seen kids come home and be gung ho and within weeks they relapse. I think it is much better that he has his feet on the ground and is doing the right things. I know how sad this time of year is with proms, graduations, etc, I went through that and still have pings in my heart everytime April comes around.


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Your update brought a smile to my face and some happiness in my heart. I never had that "up" at the end of the SA programs. I can't even explain how completely I am rooting for him and you and yours. Hugs DDD