difficult child Made a Wish on a Star

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by On_Call, Jul 24, 2007.

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    The County Fair is in town and admission is free this year, so I walked with the munchkins to the fairgrounds tonight to take them to the talent show. Before we went, I told them that we were going to take them both later in the week for the rides and games - we already bought the special ride-all-you-want wristbands, but for tonight we were going to go, watch the talent show, walk around for a bit, have some ice cream and come home.

    The talent show was interesting - some good, some not so good, one horrible act. Both kids enjoyed it. Then we walked around, looked through the art booths, had our ice cream and started home, talking about rides they want to ride the night we go, etc.

    A perfectly pleasant night out. On the walk home, the stars started coming out. difficult child stopped to make a wish - then ran to catch up with easy child and I. When I stopped in his room to tell him good night he told me he wanted to tell me what his wish was - he said he wished he could find a way to pay me back for "all the nice things" I do for him.

    Can you imagine? I really didn't even know what to say! He swears that truly was his wish! Jeesh!!

    Of course, I told him that he doesn't have to 'pay me back' at all - that I do fun things with and for both of them because I love them. But, it sure was nice to hear that he used his wish on me, anyway!! I hope he wasn't fibbing - or motivating me to spend more the night we actually do go! Hee hee.

    Just had to share!

    PS: Please don't anyone pinch me.
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    :kisses: That just brought tears of joy to my eyes!
  3. totoro

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    AAAAWWWWW... I started to shed a tear also, how sweet!!! :smile:
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    You know, it was a nice moment, however, this morning I remembered that my sister, who was a difficult child at times, always kept an "I Love You" note in her pocket so that she could whip it out for my Mom if there was a confrontation over something. Hee hee.

    Do you suppose this was an "I Love You" moment like that??? We had a good night - so it wasn't in counter of something - but I guess with a difficult child, you never know!!

    I will stop psycho-analyzing it and enjoy it.
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    Yes, just enjoy and assume it was meant in the way you thought it was meant.

    Who cares really? He was thinking of you in a positive light! That is always good!
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    If you're looking to analyze or find reason for it, then look at it this way...it's Karma...it's the Universe providing Balance for all of the Good you do...it's payback...matched energy for the energy you expend for your difficult child. There's your reason. :wink:

    Enjoy it. Relish it. Write it down and make it your own "I love you note" and the next time difficult child does something that brings you down, take it out of your pocket so you can REMEMBER THIS moment and know that the next one is right around the corner. :smile:
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    What a sweetie. :smile:
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    :kisses: Awwww, what a little sweetie. Regardless of where it came from, enjoy it because it was nice to hear and feel.
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    How sweet is that? Add me to those who had a tear in their eye reading this. Remember that special moment always. :flower:
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    Thanks everyone - it was a nice moment, that's for sure. I like the idea of putting that memory away for another day because I am absolutely sure there will be a day in the not to distant future that I will need that boost!
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    How sweet! :flower:

    Tuck this one away for a rainy day.
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    awwwwww. That is so sweet.