difficult child may be turned more to typical teen, but the difficult child exists (a funny)

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    So Matt may be more typical teen than anything these days (whew! Thank the stars). But as time goes by, I see the difficult child in him come out here and there. It is hilarious to me how this kid however is learning to actually use his difficult child'ness to his own advantage. Not necessarily for evil either, although one wonders what he can pull out of his hat over time lol.

    He had final exams last week. Teachers here always tell students their grades far before the final exam date, and tell them what grade they need on the final to get x Grade as their final mark. It is often crucial for students concerned on not passing the class.

    difficult child is doing well academically. Many other students are not and he's even helped many out on things they are struggling with (shocking!!). Well in one class he repeatedly asked (for his own sake but more for other students/friends) for their standings going into the exam. For more than 2 weeks he asked and the teacher fluffed him and the other students off.

    True to his inner difficult child, this stuck in his craw. A teacher not complying with school standards? Disregarding that he wasn't in jeopardy to not pass anyhow, he clung to this "injustice" and persisted in requesting for the hard numbers for each student.

    Come exam day, no answers. He does some work, sees others struggling. He asks part way through for the numbers since "obviously people are struggling and they NEED those numbers". Teacher says x amount of minutes and I'll have them. Double that time, difficult child asks again. Teacher snaps a response, again a delay. difficult child waits. He asks again. The teacher snapped she'd get to it if she gets to it.

    difficult child stands up! Tells the teacher that she is failing in her job. That those numbers should have been given weeks ago. That half way through the final, she is jeopardizing her students that are at risk.

    HE WALKED OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I about had a heart attack when he turned up home an hour or so before his exam should have ended. He simply walked up to her, dropped his work on her desk, and LEFT!

    He lets me freak. Then tells me calmly he will do summer school for the credit (obviously doing less than half the final, he'll fail) and be proud of standing up for his fellow students. DOH!

    I said UMMMM, you mean the students that STAYED AND FINISHED THE EXAM WITH AT LEAST A CHANCE OF PASSING THE COURSE??????????????

    So, school is back into a new semester this week. He comes in Monday after first day of new classes. Guess who he has this semester? Same teacher!!! I panicked. She must loathe him, that bodes not well.

    Instead, she apologized in front of the other students, TO difficult child! Said she had failed in her job and therefore since she knew he was capable of the course work taught, she had passed him with a final grade that exempted any mark from the final exam. The brat passed with 94% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Boy was he gloating when he came floating through the door Monday, smug and self righteous. I acted all stern, talk of how he dodged a bullet etc.

    When he pranced head high to his room, I laughed so hard I cried.

    Some things will NEVER change.
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    Wow, that's an amazing story! Kudos to him for standing up for his beliefs, but he IS lucky it turned out so well. He may not fare so well next time, but he doesn't sound like he would be deterred by even that ;) He'll probably grow up to be a public defender or some type of advocate for social justice! :D
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    Wow! Can he come advocate for me?!
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    Kudos to Matt! And to the teacher who realized that she didn't do her job right and was able to admit it. (Although, maybe Matt can tell me - if the kids were already in the middle of their exam, how would knowing the needed scores help, wasn't it too late to study harder????)
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    JJJ - my sentiment exactly. At that late stage in the game, made no sense for difficult child to walk out on a exam knowing the result is needing to repeat a entire semester in that class again. I was questioning the skewed thought process for sure lol. But, tis the mind of my difficult child!

    He is for sure fortunate it worked out allright in the end. It easily (and rightly) could have gone the other way.

    He would do amazing in a field of social injustice in some sense. But he has this ideal that if something is wrongly done towards someone, the "victim" is justified in making a point in any manner they like, right or wrong, since he fails to realize that being wronged does not mean you can respond however you might like. Maybe natural consequences will occur often enough to help him maintain his passion to defend an underdog while acquiring skills to respond effectively without undermining himself in the process lol. Time will tell!