difficult child pressing charges against stalker

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    difficult child just called me from the police station. She is pressing charges against this 21, almost 22, year old who has been basically harrassing her for the past year. I know I have posted about him before, but probably most wouldn't remember.

    At one point I had a restraining order placed against him and unbeknownst to me, he wound up in jail for an unrelated matter concerning theft, but my complaint against him did not help him at all when he went before the judge. When he was released from jail in early October he immediately contacted difficult child and told her that when she is 18, there was nothing I could do to keep him away from her AND he also told her that he was in jail because of ME!! I called the police and they said that once difficult child turned 18, she would have to be the one to file charges against him at that point. Well, that point is now.

    He contacted her on line today and was very angry because one of easy child's friends, of his own volition, told this jerk that if he didn't leave difficult child alone, he'd have to deal with him. Ugh. No one asked easy child's friend to do this, but he did it because he was trying to impress easy child! :rolleyes: Guys~

    Anyway, the cretin yelled at difficult child for siccing this other guy on him (which she didn't) and so difficult child felt scared and went down to the police station to file charges. The police officer there was able to pull up my report and add some of the info to the new complaint. Then it will go before the judge and this stupid jerky guy could wind up back in jail because he's on probation!!

    I periodically check his myspace and he's listed as being in a relationship, so why is he bothering with difficult child?? He even had his old girlfriend beat difficult child up once. He has been fixated on her for over a year now and I am so worried now about going away!! I have to fill H in on everything and hopefully difficult child won't do anything stupid this weekend while I'm gone. My heart is racing. :smile:

    You know, God love him, H is a good dad, but he has a horrible sleeping pattern. He passes out by 9 the latest and nothing can wake him. So, I told him to sleep with the phone next to his head while I was gone in case difficult child calls him late at night when she's out. I have to remind him. I'm also giving her my nephew's cell because that kid is up at all hours and he will go in a pinch if she calls him. :whew:

    Oh brother. Can you believe this? Doesn't it just stand to figure that the night before a pleasant getaway this kind of junk happens?? Well, nothing is stopping us now, but what a headache. :grrr:
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    She just stopped by my work and told me that the police refused to press charges as it was all on line and it's basically his work against hers. So, the police told her that if he calls her cell or my house, to come back in and then they will press the charges.

    difficult child told him to stop calling her or contacting her on line, via cell, whatever and then signed off line. She hasn't heard from him since, so hopefully he will leave her alone now. I am going to give H a heads up and I told her to stick close to home this weekend (she's working most of the time anyway) so she's not out and about where he can get to her. Incidentally, he applied for a job where she works and the manager asked her if she knew him and she told him the whole story and he said he wouldn't hire him. I hope he didn't find out about that too~

    Well, on the up side, at least she's advocating for herself.
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    I recall you posting about this guy. He just isn't the brightest bulb in the bunch is he?

    Can you also alert you neighbors, so if they happen to notice him hanging around the neighborhood they could call police if husband is asleep? If she has a cell phone I'd make sure she carries it with her at all times from now on.

    Scarey to say the least.

    On a positive note, difficult child is standing up for herself and doing all the right things. Good for her.

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    Jo, you said, "I periodically check his myspace and he's listed as being in a relationship, so why is he bothering with difficult child??"

    What if the relationship he is claiming to be in, is his fantasy one with difficult child?

    I too suggest keeping copies of all on-line activity and perhaps having another talk to the cops. I went through this with my stalker, most of his contact with me was on-line because I'd cut off all other contact (as much as I could) and was planning on using ANY contact after I'd told him to back off, and "any" also meant emails, as leverage to get a protection order.

    My stalker stopped all contact (thank goodness); I suspect his lawyer finally got through to him. We still occasionally cross paths and although I doubt he's ever going to bother me again, I have kept copies of everything, even though it's almost ten years old now, to kick-start the process off if he ever tries to ring me, write to me or email me again.

    Also, keeping everything recorded, minuted and diarised will ensure a detailed paper trail should he ever try anything further.