difficult child reached her 3 months!

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by Nancy, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. Nancy

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    She got her papers to move to 3/4 and she got to move from the attic with 12 other women to her own room on the second floor. She can now start looking for a job M-W-F 9-12. On her home visit we brainstormed a few places and she put a couple app in online. Until she gets a job she follows the 1/2 program but once she gets a job she slowly gets more freedom. She got toi bring her cell phone back with her today and she is thrilled. It's good to see her so excited and moving forward. We talked about more freedom/more responsibility and how there is no coming back now, she has to move on, get a job, become independent and put what she has learned into action. It looks like she is building a nice support group of sober people.

    I am cautiously optimistic but as each day goes by I think she is realizing we will never go back to the way it use to be, so I think that is helping give her the incentive she needs.

  2. exhausted

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    Nancy, this is good news! I'm glad she is moving forward. A job will help her feel independent and know that she can take care of herself in a legitimate way. A sober support group is crucial. Cheers to you both.
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    That's great news Nancy :)

  4. DDD

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    I'm so happy for your family. It must be hard to reign in the natural tendency to do a Happy Dance. You are doing a great job of staying cautious. Your mind must be racing. difficult child has every reason to be proud of her progress and I would assume the rewards she is receiving are not only well earned but reason for her to feel optimistic about her future. Sounds great! Hugs DDD

    by the way, do they let her have unrestricted access to her cell phone?
  5. Nancy

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    Yes she has unrestricted access to her phone. The director of the house told her that this will either make her or break her and she hoped difficult child would do the right thing. Truer words were never said. This is the moment of truth, if she can resist temptation and continue moving in the right direction. At least she is not at home and she knows she can't come back if she fails.

  6. Ephchap

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    Awww, Nancy, reading this update just totally made my day and brought a huge smile to my face. I'm so thrilled to hear how well she's doing and has earned more privileges and more entry back into the day to day world. You're totally right on - the cell phone is a huge temptation and it will be huge if she can continue to ignore her old drugging/drinking buddies, even by phone, and continue on this path she's been on for THREE MONTHS ! That's really awesome. Hugs to you and difficult child and your whole family, as I know what a huge deal this is.

  7. jinger

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    Cautious optimism is a very good thing.
  8. Nancy

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    Thanks deb. I know you've been there.

  9. Allan-Matlem

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    Thanks for sharing the positive news

    I think as others have already said - replacing old frienships and never making contact is very important , finding a mentor , people who will be her cheer leaders and guide her .

    have a plan , when things don't go well , disappointments, frustration, anger etc - how will she cope , who will she turn to . In moments of frustation and impulsiveness kids have fallen off the track.

    wishing her every success