difficult child talking about coming off suboxone


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We had difficult child over for dinner last night as his birthday is today, but he has to work. I took him to target to get some sneakers and a few things he needed and on the way he told me that he's thinking about coming off the suboxone, but that he's really scared. He's been on it for quite a while now. Actually he's been on it for over a year, but he did relapse while on it last summer. He stopped taking it and went back to using.

I'm sure it's different this time because last summer he stopped so he could use, but this time he's talking about wanting to come off it because he doesn't really feel like himself when he takes it. Funny, a drug addict who doesn't like the way a drug makes him feel :smile:

He is talking about how he needs to rely on his sponsor and meetings and the program when he comes off it, so I was really proud of him. I told him he should just wean himself off and not mention it to his doctor yet, and if he finds he can't do it, then he's not ready to stop it yet.

I was also amazed when I went to his apartment last night how spotless and organized his bedroom is. This is a kid who's room should have been condemned!!! His bed was made, his clothes were hung up and everything was in it's place. AMAZING!!


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Sounds like difficult child has made alot of progress. :bravo: :smile:
Hope things continue and that he has a good reaction to coming off the suboxzone.



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Thankfully I don't know anthing about suboxone but it seems like
it would be best to wait just a little bit longer until he can
be totally sure he is through with Wingnuts accusations and the
threat of child support. That has been such a stressful cloud
hanging over him. Hopefully it will only be a week or two until
he is FREE and can move on to the next steps in his life. DDD


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Right now he has cut his dose in half. He said he's going to do that for a week, then cut it in 1/4. He bought a truck and is trying to get it registered so he also said he wants to make sure he has transportation to a meeting every single day when he stops taking it all together, so it sounds like he has a plan of action, which for him is a wonderful thing :smile:

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He sounds like he has thought this out and is making a plan.
I have to say that I have heard and I have seen my difficult child while trying to wean off of it and he describes it as worse than heroin withdrawl. They say you can cut it down pretty significantly but making the jump off to nothing is hard. My difficult child's doctor said he will need to be supervised when he comes off. He should consider letting his doctor know that he is thinking about it and learn how to do it properly, there may be some other medications that he can take to ease the withdrawl of it while he is doing it.

I would hate to see him fall after trying so hard to get to where he is right now.



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He has a doctors appointment next Tuesday that I will probably have to drive him too. I think I'm going to encourage him to just let her know that he's considering it and ask what she may be able to do to help him. He just needs to be honest with her and let her know he may not be ready and if he's not he wants to stay on it.


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I'm glad he has an appointment and can talk to her about it. It does seem like he has a plan in place. I hope he does well with the decision he makes and is ready for it. It sounds like he is making more progress almost daily. A clean room? WOW!!


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He was the one who didn't want to let her know and at first I agreed. I guess he just feels that if he tells her and it doesn't work, then he's admitting failure, and maybe he's afraid she won't put him back on it, but I'm going to tell him he needs to do the oppostive and have her help him wean off of it, with the understanding that he's scared and may not be ready.

His appointment is next Tuesday and I will probably be giving him a ride there, so I'll talk to him more about it before then.


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Wow, It does sound like he has a plan, Your difficult child sure has come a long ways Karen. And as for the clean room, Go figure our difficult children surely cannot achieve that at home but yet do all of that and then some when they have their own place. Lol!! I can remember telling my difficult child that when she has her own place one of these days that I would have to mess it up a lil :). Her response " I won't let you in" Geeze..... Lol!!


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I agree his doctor. should know. Good for him wanting to wean off suboxone. I guess it isn't meant to be on for a very long time. As always, I wish him the best of luck.

My older brothers room was always a mess. In his own home, he is a neat freak. If somebody drops a knife in the sink, he is washing it immediately and wiping the sink out.