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    difficult child had to write a personal narrative/autobiographical incident and let me read it and I wanted to share it with you. If I ever wondered what was going on in her head I have my answer and I have to tell you I had tears in my eyes reading it.

    There has been many significant incidents in my life that has helped me learn more things about myself. I began to realize that the people I hung out with weren't my real friends, they got me into a lot of trouble, and to me, a real friend is a friend who tries to help you stay out of trouble.

    It all began two years ago, the summer going into 9th grade. Everyday I went up to the skate park. That skate park was my life that summer. I loved it, I met a bunch of people there and made many friends. One day I met a girl named *****. I thought she was so cool and from then on I knew that we were going to become best friends. We spent almost every day together. She would sleep over all the time and we had a blast. My parents didn't like her very much because they thought she was a bad influence on me. At the time I thought they were crazy for thinking that, but now I understand why.

    After I started to hang out with *****, I started hating my parents and running away from home. I would sneak out at night to hang out with my boyfriend and got in trouble with the police. I'd skip classes to go and hang out with my friends. I didn't know who I was anymore and I didn't want to either. Around the end of freshman year, I got into serious trouble and I promised myself I am going to change my life around. I wanted to make new friends and start to become part of the family again.

    The end of freshman year came and during that summer I talked to ***** less and less because she started to hang out with all the "druggies" of the school and I wasn't going to get involved with them. Royalaire season started which meant practice from 6 to 9 every Monday and Wednesday and also band camp which was every weekday for 3 weeks. I started to make new friends who ended up to be my best friends, who I hang out with almost everyday after school and on the weekends. I joined Winterguard this year and I love everyone there.

    Last year was probably the worst year for me, but I changed my life around completely. I have great friends, an amazing family, and haven't gotten into any trouble. I know that if I didn't keep the promise for me to change my life around, I'd be in serious trouble but thank God I kept it, and I'm grateful for everything I have. Out with the bad and in with the good.

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    OMG! She has tears running down my face!!!
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    Wow - Nancy, that is pretty big for a teenager to accomplish - and then to write it out - WOW is all I can say!

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    An important lesson learned and she had the courage to drop the old "friend" and move on... Getting her into activities was a good move, whomever started that deserves credit too!
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    WOW! I am impressed.

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    Wow, that is amazing! She really has insight into this chapter of her life. Im thrilled for you both. :bravo:
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    Great news. Big strides forward. Good for you and her.
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    That is very nice to read...
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    Awesome. DDD
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    loved it...

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    Please let her know she gave me hope.
    I'm so impressed with what she wrote.
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    I'm very choked up-this is so great!
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    WOW! Nancy, very nice and extremely impressive. This certianly gives the rest of us struggling people something "good" and "positive" to look forward too. Thanks so much sharing!

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    That is so amazing! That is so great to see what a change she has made! I'm thrilled for both of you!!
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    Nancy - what insight from your difficult child!
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    You know the best thing? This is what she's worked out for herself. These are the most lasting lessons of all.

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    ....and doesn't that just warm the cockles of your heart.

    nancy, your daughter has done an amazing job emerging from the darkness....amazing. however, she couldn't have done it with-o the love, suppport & tough love from you & husband. you are all to be congratulated.
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    Really nice, Nancy. Congrats