Difficult child's father dies.


My 19 year old son who is addicted to pot smoking lost his father yesterday. He had been told about a month ago, that he may live 5 more years. My son had been living with this father and his wife. The wife has told him the house is his to stay as long as he wants. His 17 year old brother has been with him last night and tonight. I don't know much about addiction to pot. But we took the boys to the hospital the night their Dad got bad. I know he didn't have anything. He was up all night and well into the next day. I figured that would be pretty hard considering the situation and that I thought he smoked it like some people smoke cigarettes.


Long road but the path ahead holds hope.
I am so sorry for this loss. It is always so hard to lose people before their time. My son is heavily addicted to pot. He is so addicted that on Christmas Eve he had to take a steam bath, and paced the floors like a wild animal and finally he left only to return with the tell tale sign of being high. It is different for all people I would imagine.
His base is pot and he adds doctor to that.
Perhaps some can go without while others can not.
It is good to know he is welcome to stay in his fathers house.

Big hug to you during this sad hard time.