difficult child's juvie hearing today

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    Went as expected, with them recommending that he remain there while they do a psychiatric evaluation. He was pretty mad, I think he really thought he could go home today even though I explained what would probably happen. The judge looked right at me as he spoke (it seemed as though he were reassuring me), saying that from the data on his charges with the running away, cutting, altercation with mother, etc, he could not feel right about sending him right back into the same situation without finding out what all is going on with him. I was so relieved, I'm not ready to have him back yet even though I miss him SO much. Then I got to have 1/2 hour visit with him in juvie (there are some YOUNG kids there - heartbreaking, difficult child said it was one kid's birthday). He was back to being defiant and argumentative. It's probably been about a week since he smoked much so I hope that is still withdrawal symptoms. At one point I got up and started waling away, telling him I am not interacting with you when you are being defiant and he switched it right off crying for me to stay. I got the feeling from the judge and difficult child's public defender that they really care about helping to resolve the situation in the best way for the family. I just hope difficult child will come around and give up this delusion that weed is not a drug and that it is perfectly harmless.
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    Glad the judge realized he needs help. I know it is awful but you are doing the right thing. Try to relax as much as you can during this time.
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    Our kids won't be our kids again until they stop using. They just are not themselves when their priority is getting high. I hope this works out for him, and of course for you.
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    I'm glad to hear this. When our difficult child went into what they call Observation and Assessment here (to get psychiatric evaluation), it took 45 days. Then we went before the judge again. The O and A people made recommendations and we made recommends that we did with our family counselor to get her treatment in a state Residential Treatment Center (RTC). The stuff out of "O and A" was not inline with what we or our counselor wanted and thought best. Her first placement into day treatment, and living in what was suppose to be a therapuetic foster home, was a disaster. This women drank every day, was not a certified therapuetic home, swore at my daughter, refused her food and phone calls-it was horrible. Judge removed her emediatley after I got no action from DCFS. He placed her in the residential part of the day treatment as we had asked for to begin with. They care-but my experience is that you have to be vigilant. We even had trouble in the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) as they did not comply with my daughters blood work that hadto be done every few months for her thyroid problem, nor did they give her acne medications. There was also an unskilled worker there in her 20's( I call them 20 something bouncers), who decided that my daughter was her project and was very abusive. It took going to the judge to get them to get this worker off my daughters back. Just know that you have to keep your eye out.
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    Sounds like they really want to help him and I hope te services he receives will help tur him around. Their defiance is so hard to turn off for them. My difficult child did the same thing but when he started to cry and ask you to stay that was really him, with his defenses down.

    Let us know how the evaluations go.

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    My experience with the juvenile system, at least where I live, is that they do want to help the kids. I would get up and leave when mine became argumentative and defiant. It took one time of me leaving and letting the guard know why I left for him to get his act together.
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    I'm glad they kept him for further evaluation. Sending him home would have just sent him back to his previous behavior.

    You are doing great.