difficult child's Parole violation hearing

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by rejectedmom, Mar 27, 2013.

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    They didn't buy into the rehab plan and gave him an additional 2 years. That additional time can be reduced with good time by half if he stayes out of trouble. He is being transferred to a state facility soon. sWhen that happens he will have more to do but will be with a more hardened popuation. So he now has to serve a minimum of 5 years unless they decide to try to parole him again at some time in the future. Better than the 18 years he could have gotten (for the new stuff plus the old stuff) but still a long time. What a life he has chosen. Sigh..... -RM
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    Many hugs RM, I'm sorry, I know how that must hurt your mother's heart...........
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    I'm sorry. I'm sure it does hurt your mommy heart.
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    I'm so very sorry for the emotions that must be flooding your heart. There are at least ten difficult child's that I know who have gone to prison and it heightened my personal anxiety each time as they were friends of our kid. A few of them had Moms that, like us, did their very best to raise good boys. In Florida (don't know about other States) they are sent to a facility for intake where they are evaluated for mh issues and their criminal history. If I remember correctly that stage is around two months and then they are assigned to a facility that allegedly best suits them. I'm sure that doesn't help you much but the Moms I know felt relief that their difficult children wouldn't be with murderers etc. Most of the difficult children are back home and although they were impacted by their sentences...none of them were injured in any way. I hope your difficult child gets placed where he can get therapeutic value from the time spent. Sending hugs your way. DDD
  5. RM - I can't imagine what is on your heart right now. I am so sorry that they didn't buy into the rehab plan. I suppose there is some small consolation that he didn't get 18 years but that certainly doesn't help the pain of having him do 5 years.

    Again, I am so sorry for your pain and for his life choices that have landed him in such difficult circumstances. Hugs
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    I'm sorry they didn't go for the rehab scenario. Hugs to you.
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    I'm sorry for your hurting. Sending you cyber hugs.
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    I'm sorry. Sad and scary. My heart aches for you.
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    I'm so very sorry RM. Sending hugs to you!
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    Oh RM, I'm so very sorry. I pray he does well and is able to learn. Also that he will be safe. Mostly that you will find some way to get through all of this, please know you have a place to share your heartache. Hugs.
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    So very sorry. At least you will continue to have peace and quiet at home.
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    Thank you everyone... it has been a very hard week. I am really fighting many emotions. There is just too much grief in my life right now. I am on my knees so to speak. If not for you good people and my sister I would have absolutely no support... Thinking about taking a plane to visit my sister for a few days and maybe conjure up a bit of fun. We lost a dear friend to a massive heart attack last week. it was totally unexpected he was fit and active and just 60 years old. This is our 5th friend who died without reaching 65. It just brings me to the conclusion that I need a different life. One with less grief and more fun. Not sure how to achieve that though. -RM