Diva was married this weekend!

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Andy, Aug 12, 2012.

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    A beautiful outdoor wedding. I was a little nervous Friday late afternoon to see how many people were drinking already but I did not see any indication of anyone getting drunk or being inappropriate. Several of the young people are parents and all the children were around. It was a very relaxing and enjoyable weekend. The wedding dance was also very nice. There was no displays of over drinking or out of line behavior. Everyone was very responsible. I was so impressed that even the college aged kids where being responsible in watching how much they had. It was a family atmosphere event so very fun!

    The groom's family is awesome! They did all the work in providing food for the weekend. Cooking, settling up the food and lean-up. I felt bad that I was unable to help. I am at 8 weeks in recovering from a total abdominal hysterectomy so get worn down easier and am being careful about lifting, moving, ect. (good excuse not to be pulled unto the dance floor - I am not a dancer and would rather just watch though I did miss out on the chicken dance and the macerina since I don't dare do those movements yet).

    As mother of the bride, everyone let me enjoy the weekend without any responsibilities. Our wedding planner coordinated everything! She was awesome.

    I have talked to the groom's mother about my concerns with her son. One person also told me that she had the opportunity to see how diva handles the groom in his tempers. She said it put her uncertainties to rest because Diva does a great job working with him. She felt it would be o.k. I have not had the opportunity to witness more interactions and Diva will not tell me if things get bad. He has started a new job that he enjoys and is a lot less stressful. Diva states things are better since he started this job so I am hoping that this will help a lot.

    I will remain on guard to watch for his temper but for now, she is an adult and needs to make her own decisions. He is still maturing and has a family that will do what they can to encourage him to keep his temper from lashing out on her. I heard once that many times people, especially guys, don't mature fully until age 26. If that is true, he could be a more relaxed person in 4 years. I did learn a little bit about him and know his temper is not so much to control her as it is a safety issue for himself. He needs things a certain way to feel safe and becomes anxious (as opposed to angry) when they are not. Diva can show him that things are ok in these changes. She can teach him to be relaxed.
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    Sounds like it went well and I'm delighted you were able to enjoy the historic festivities. Hugs DDD
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    That sounds really nice. I'm glad that Diva had such a nice wedding, and wish her and her new husband all the best of happiness. :)
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    I'm so glad it all went well. The groom sounds like he comes from a supportive family. It was a wonderful day.
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    Oh what a joyful even! Congratulations to Diva and her hubby...sounds like she has a handle on things. Also, I hope your recovery goes well!