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    Diva called yesterday, "Mom, I don't know what to do! I accidently rear ended a car. No damage but their liscense plate fell off and they are asking me to give them cash." She stated they were a couple of tough looking girls. I told her to call the police. She did not have to deal with their intimidating attitude. And then to call her dad.

    I called back a little later and she was still waiting for the police to show up. The girls told her she had done no damage and took off when they found out the police were on the way. Diva took down their liscense plate.

    The police ran the plates and found them not registered. They told Diva that the car was probably not lisenced and that maybe one of them had a warrant out for their arrests. Diva said they will investigate (probably try to find the car and its owner and charge them with leaving a scene - though I wonder if it is illegal to leave the scene of an accident that there were no damages or injuries if one of the parties do call the police?)

    So, let your kids know that even if the accident is their fault, they never need to deal directly with irrate people. The police will act as mediator to exchange insurance information and give advise.

    And it is a good idea to program the police's phone # of the areas you travel the most into your cell phone so you can call the non-emergency one for these situations.
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    Glad she was o.k. and that she listened to you and called the police.
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    Glad she listened to you. My Mom's rule of thumb was always to call the police regardless if damage was done or not. That way a report could be made and the person you hit can't come back on you and say it did such and such damage at a later time. (like in a few days)

    Also glad she is ok and had no damage.