Dodged A Bullet!


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I wrote a post about a week ago about my oldest son. He had lost his job and gotten evicted from his apartment. He wanted to move in with me and bring his daughter and a new girlfriend with him. I told him I would not allow him to move in. Something told me that it would be a bad idea to let them live here.

I got a phone call from my son's father that they were living with him. He asked me what I knew about their whole situation and why I would not help them. I told him that I just had a bad feeling about the whole thing and it was because I did not know the whole story. It turns out that the girlfriend is an alcoholic, does not clean anything, and is pretty much a @#$%^. My question is why is she still there? He tried but she had him over a barrel because of the residency laws and now he will have to go through the eviction process. my son met her online and knew nothing about her. I hope my ex comes out of this without too much harm.

I am so glad that I listened to my gut and did not let my heart do the talking. I would allow my granddaughter to live with me for a brief time, but at 34 my son needs to figure this out on his own.

All I can say is WHEW.


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Good jub! You and your gut should stick to your guns. LOL

Sorry for the ex though. I would tell him if she is going to play eviction games that he should start the process asap. She probably thinks threatening him will make him throw up his hands in defeat.


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I am glad you listened to your gut. I hate these eviction laws when it comes to situations like this. It just doesnt make sense. Honestly if she was a week to week tenant he would only have to give her a week! This is one of the reasons I kept a running 30 day notice when Tony's brother was living with us. I gave him a new one on the first of every month so if I had to I could toss him.

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Oh, how awful for the father!

How long will he have to let her stay?

It took a new kind of strength and courage for you to stand up to your son like that, pasajes. It's a bittersweet feeling, but how incredible it is to know we aren't vulnerable to our kids in the same way any more.