does anyone have a Kyocera Jax phone?(Assurance Wireless)

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    I just got a Kyocera Jax phone from Assurance Wireless. It's a very simple phone, but beyond me, technically speaking:)

    I have a phone number, it has been activated, and I have minutes in my account. When I power up, the screen says dormant across the top, altho I can use it to make and receive calls. I have a feeling that "dormant" is some optionally applied setting. I just want to know what it means, and if I can clear the word off the screen?
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    Well, I do not, however it took just a bit of googling to help.

    I Is the kyoceraweb site. I downloaded the manual and did a bit of light reading.

    The only think I can find is a GREETING BANNER- On my (useless phone) my greeting says ....BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD

    On your phone currently it may say -DORMANT because you have not giving it a personalization? I don't know ask anyone here - I Have one gene dedicated to technology and it's at the shallow end of my pool.

    Anyway -page 19 - said

    GO to
    HIT # and SPACE FOR BLANK....

    THAT should help.....

    IF NOT?
    1-800-349-4478 customer service

    and lol

    you can be a beta tester - THAT should be fun. Maybe you gets a cookie. Maybe they send you two and you share!

    Hugs Star
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    DID IT Work? lol - I was just wondering because I am NO phone geek.....and thought - WELL if it did I may hire my narcissistic self out as a cell phone tech....hahaha.
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    I was able to make the word "dormant" go off the phone screen. I got there before I needed to try your directions. I couldn't explain how I did it, tho<snicker>

    Thank you muchly for going those extra steps to try & help me; you're a pretty kind friend, by golly .. .. ..