Does anyone know of a program??? Help!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by quantumchef, Feb 11, 2008.

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    My friend has a son who is now 18 and an alcoholic, extremely low self esteem, sees himself as ugly, has not graduated but is working at home online for a highschool degree. He really has no skills and is not interested in many things. He lives in fear of everything and spends about 24/7 at home doing not much of anything.

    He used to be a really sweet kid and has a kind heart but is a nasty drunk. He is a follower and when he does go out he is drawn to the wrong people and always gets in trouble. Because of his trouble/arrests for drinking he has no driver license. He has a felony arrest because of a stupid night where he and his friends took someones boat out and even though they brought it back it was considered a felony theft.

    He has a desire to not be around the people he drinks with but I can find no opportunity for him. His mother has talked to him about job corps and ameri corps/ peace corps but it seems the application process is long and could be at least six months away or more.

    Does anyone know of a program where he could work/live in some type of program like peace corps and help people while learning skills, developing self esteem and being provided a place to live. I looked into many programs before he turned 18 for troubled teens and they were all very expensive and his mom is already financially very stressed. He needs a place to get away - into a new world for him. He is a kind being when given the opportunity and I thought he could help build houses in poor communities or whatever!!! There has to be something out there for someone like him to give him a chance?????

    Thanks for listening to the long question.

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    I would post this on parents emeritus, for parents of grown kids. Most of these parents just aren't at the point yet of having adult children who still have serious problems. But one thing I can tell you, at his age, if he doesn't want to get help, nobody can force him to get it. He's "of age." He could always decide to move elsewhere, and get a job, in an area that's not real expensive. That way he can settle down away from his bad influences and learn to take care of himself. He WILL gain self-esteem from that. However, sounds like he has serious alcohol issues and he'd need to stop drinking. There are programs for that, but at his age he'd have to agree to go into them. Has he gone to social services to see if he qualifies for any help? Does he have a diagnoses? That can help get help as an adult.
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    Thanks very much. I will post on that Forum.

    It is very hard where he lives for him to be able to work without a car. He also has tried moving a couple of places and it has not worked out financially but he has maintained no drinking while he was away trying to make things work.

    Thanks again.