Dreading all that candy!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by tired Cheryl, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. tired Cheryl

    tired Cheryl New Member

    Are any of you other moms dreading all that candy that comes with Halloween? Ugh. Just what I need around here an even more hyper difficult child! Trick-or-treating was quite the adventure (umm humiliating experience) last year with difficult child pushing much older kids out of his way and grabbing tons of candy and at some homes actually pushing his way through the front door looking for more!

    Not looking forward to it but easy child is so excited that we have to participate. (She thoughtfully reminded me that there is candy for Christmas and Valentine's as well-guess she forgot Easter LOL)

    I may give them some melatonin to help calm them down after their sugar rush.
  2. SomewhereOutThere

    SomewhereOutThere Well-Known Member

    I always take the candy bag and dole out goodies as I see fit. I don't need bouncing kids for two weeks!
  3. Josie

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    I started a new tradition a few years ago. The Candy Witch comes and takes most of their candy and leaves behind a gift. The gift is usually something like a beanie baby, not anything very big. My kids actually don't mind giving up their candy now.
  4. SRL

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    I offer cash in exchange for any candy they don't want or for my easy child daughter any which is chewy since she has cavity problems. I usually sneak some out for me. :)
  5. nvts

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    I put them all in ziplocks and write their names on them and put them in the cabinet. Out of sight out of mind. 5 or 6 days later, they forget about it and move on to the next thing to bug me about! :smile:

  6. tired Cheryl

    tired Cheryl New Member


    Love all of the ideas but especially the idea of the "candy Witch!" ROFL I fit that bill! :jack:

    Do you tell your kids before you do the switch (Umm the candy witch will be here tonight but will leave a nice present)? or do you just suprise them in the morning?

    Thanks! :goo:
  7. Josie

    Josie Active Member

    I tell them. It started when easy child was in 1st Grade and participated in a study at school about children's beliefs in Santa Claus. They told them about the Candy Witch and gave us something to give her. I loved the idea and we have done it ever since. Now they are old enough that they know it is me but they actually like it. They decide how much and what candy to give up to give to the Candy Witch. They do know it has to be a significant amount to get a gift.
  8. Dara

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    Sammy really got into it this year. Our problem will be from tonight on. Trying to explain that this was a one night deal! When the pumpkins go away we are in big trouble! He loves pumpkins :jack:
    He gets one little candy at diaper changing time. He was getting 2 hershy kisses then anyways.... :ghost:
  9. Big Bad Kitty

    Big Bad Kitty lolcat


    Make a Hershey Kiss, get a Hershey Kiss...

    I know, I need help...
  10. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    When my oldest was in 1st grade (age 5) the class was learning about graphs. So he snuck the candy out and sorted it and made a graph of EXACTLY how many pieces of each kind he had.

    Ever since then the candy is graphed, usually by child then it all goes into a bowl and is graphed again!!

    Jess even did pie charts this year, with percentages!!

    Nutty kids.

    All the candy is in a huge bucket, they usually have it for a few days at most. Thisyear I haven't been up to putting it up. The big buckey is on the floor of the living room and they have forgotten it!!!

    I do find that "family" candy, easter baskets, even a family goodie present works much better for us. The kids each have a bag or basket to put eggs in at Easter, but the "Easter Basket" is to the entire family. It has about 4 pieces of candyfor each of us, a book for each kid an a famiy DVD. Maybe a beanie baby.

    And no one squawks about the halloween candy disappearing from the family bowl, because that is just how it is done.

    Crazy crazy holidays.