easy child/difficult child "almost" scared me last night...

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by DDD, May 22, 2009.

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    Last night was significant. He came home avowing he was sober and "just needed to go pick up a friend and some cigarettes for a few minutes". I knew it was going down the tube. He did NOT want to drive anything other than his husband's car. I said "No". He began to search for keys. It went South fast.

    Bottom line (you don't need to hear the details) he ONCE again "thought" he had company that he didn't have, "thought" that I knew he was only going down the street for cigarettes NOT, "thought " it was ok to keep me awake for two hours so he could talk.

    It was a long, tiresome and a bit frightening night. He didn't threaten me in any way..........but he was "out there" and I was really having to "**** it up to stay abreast of the insanity". I even threatened to call the police if he wasn't back home in 30 minutes. Too bizarre. Too scarey. DDD
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    Was he sober or was this the Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) thing. If he thought he had company that really wasnt there and had all these somewhat delusional thoughts going on, it really sounds like there is more going on here. I know I got really irrational quick for about six months after my injury. Im much better now but I didnt have a true Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)...mine was more damage due to swelling. I still have slight symptoms but not as bad.

    This irrational behavior is going to be harder to deal with because you truly cannot reason with someone in that state. Their reality is real to them. Blue is blue even if it is red to the rest of the world. It is insanity to even try to convince them otherwise.

    Is he on any type of AP?
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    It's dinner time on Friday..........he's still under his covers. It is difficult, uh, impossible to sort the Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) stuff from the alcohol stuff. We love this kid to death. Last night is only the 2nd time he has "almost" scared me. It is not a happy camper situation. Like you, Janet, he has always been ten steps ahead of eeryone else. Now........he can't quite grasp that he is "off the mark". OMG! Really, it is awful. I don't want to be a whiner because that is not my personality. on the other hand, my kid is messed up and as husband and I say to reassure one another "it's only a matter of time". He will end up back in the system because he doesn't have a you'know'whattin' grasp
    of the full reality. It is a heartache. DDD
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    Oh DDD,
    I'm SO sorry for your frightening situation.

    Does sound like difficult child might have been drunk especially since he was still under the covers late the next day.

    A couple of weeks ago one of my sons old friends who has brain damage from drugs, well, he thought that he witnessed a murder and had to get out of town. He got about 5 hours away and ran out of gas and money. His mom had to go get him...It is so sad when your dealing with an "adultchild".

    I would be concerned too about "the system".
    I wish I knew what to say or do?

    Does difficult child see a Dr? Do they think he should be allowed to drive?
    I guess I don't understand "Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)" very well, how it manifests itself in your easy child/difficult child...does he often have delusional thinking?

    Hugs and care for you...I hope this weekend is "uneventful".
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    It's triggered by booze. He never really "knows" if he had one, or two or ten drinks because of the short term memory problem. If he plans on drinking, I drop him off and am available to pick him up. If he doesn't plan on drinking but does drink, then 99% of the time one of his friends takes the keys and either finds a safe driver or calls me.

    He is so vulnerable and the only way it will improve is if he quits drinking. That's not likely. He gave up all drugs (and still misses weed and the peace it brought). The lack of Executive Functioning prevents him from self-initiating activity...such as working out or sports which he used to love. So sad. DDD
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    Just thinking of you and easy child/ difficult child this morning.
    Hoping nothing else has happend since.

    It is sad that easy child/difficult child as well as both of my sons think that alcohol is the "safe" alternative to drugs, etc. NOT...it has severe consequences too.

    Hugs and love,