easy child is getting more health symptoms and I'm worried

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    Since easy child had his gallbladder taken out last year I am super paranoid any time he gets any new symtom. Yesterday afteroon easy child claimed he was tired and had a headache and went to lay down. I was concerned so I felt his forehead. He was burning hot. I panicked and took his temperature right away. His temp was 101.5. easy child admitted to me that it has been hurting him for the last couple of days when he urinates. He says it doesn't burn. It's more like pain deep in his lower stomach when he goes.

    I took him to the doctors today expecting it was a urinary tract infection. They took his temp and this morning he had no fever. To my surprise the urine dipstick test came back negative. So why the fever and the pain? His doctor sent his urine to the lab for further analysis and gave him some antibiotics and pain pills just in case. Meanwhile easy child is still having pain. I am super worried. I have read worst case scenarios on the internet like cancer or leukemia. I am really freaking myself out. Does anybody know what can cause high fevers to happen at random? I'm very worried.
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    A high fever indicates that your body is battling an infection. The quick "dip stick" urine tests don't always catch every type of infection so the urine is usually sent for a culture. Sometimes you will get a call back and the doctor will change the type of antibiotic based on the results of the culture.

    I wouldn't worry over much as this point. He may feel your anxiety and it could make him really anxious.

    Keep us posted.
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    I am trying not to worry too much in front of him. I texted my boyfriend later while I was at work and he basically told me I'm being ridiculous to worry about him. I can't help it. Last time he had a high fever we ended up in the ER with emergency surgery. Hopefully it's just a simple Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) the office test didn't catch. Till I get the news I'm going to stay off the medical websites so I don't freak myself out.