easy child is on the honor roll!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Californiablonde, Dec 13, 2012.

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    easy child's report card came out and I am sooooo happy to announce that he got straight A's! I am SO proud of him. He has a 3.9 point grade average for the trimester and he's on the honor roll. He is so proud of himself, too. It was just last year, in elementary school, that he was a D/F student. Now in middle school he is doing better than ever. I am so proud of him! And he got student of the month for November. In all the years he's been going to school, he has never gotten student of the month. He is so proud he couldn't wait to show me his certificate. He got the award for responsibiltiy. MY son, who in the past was always forgetfull, disorganized, never turned in homework, and behavior problems got the award for responsibility. I am so grateful for him and how he is doing in school this year. And he is in mainstreamed for all of his classes. I was so worried this year because he was starting Jr. High and the work is so much harder this year, but he is holding his own. I am one proud mommy!
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    I remember those feeling. difficult child 1 struggle soooo much in Jr High in a school that I was in a constant fight with for help. Now that he's doing online school and getting the accommodations he needed all along, he was also on the A honor roll all last year and was student of the month last May. He's still on the A honor roll so far this year. Isn't it a GREAT feeling!! For me, it also proved I was RIGHT about what he needed.

    Congrats easy child and Smile big mommy!
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    Fantastic News! Way To Go, easy child! DDD
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    I hate to say this but I am super glad not to have two difficult children this year. At least I have one who does great in school. difficult child is getting straight D's and F's, just like last year and the year before that. I will be lucky if she graduates. I am so happy I no longer have to worry about easy child.
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    Boy, I used to dread report card day - ugh! It's SOOOO nice to see the report card reflecting what you know your child is capable of achieving. That's very, very special. Congratulations, easy child!
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    Congrats! Hey, your difficult child should graduate still if she is graded to her IEP. You can include that wording in her IEP. No way she should be denied graduating when she is not being provided with appropriate interventions and support in the first place. Not that she should have a free ride, but that she should have to work to her potential with accommodations.
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    He was so proud of himself he couldn't wait to tell me he was on the honor roll, which of course I already knew cause I saw his grades online. As a reward, he gets to go up to the front of the lunch line every day this week. He's super excited, cause usually he's stuck waiting in a long line. I texted his dad to tell him, and I got no response. He didn't call easy child either. Oh well, there are plenty of people who are proud of him.
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    Thanks. I am beyond happy right now. So thankful at least one of my kids is thriving in school.