easy child's dermodoc update


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First of all, we loved the dermodoc. She was an absolutely lovely young woman of color who was gentle, reassuring, understanding, and knowledgable. easy child immediately took to her and they discussed the all important "shoes" and "hair straightening".

She took a scalp culture because, in her words, "I need to be thourough." This would be in case it was a ring worm type of issue. But, she felt sure it is alopecia areata (which is what I thought as well). She gave us some positive words. easy child's scalp is very healthy and there is no scaring on the bald spots which would indicate permanate damage to the hair folicale and no chance of regrowth.

She is putting easy child on an extremely high dose of prednisolone for one week. Since easy child's immune system is attacking her hair cells, she wants to decrease her natural defense response and reduce the inflamation that results when the cells are attacked.

This will be followed by a very strong (super-high-potency) corticosteriod rubbed on her spots twice a day.

The doctor believes this regiment has a good chance of stopping the hair loss and promoting regrowth. If she had fewer balding spots, she would have injected corticosteriods directly in the scalp, but since easy child has so much area to cover, she is doing the oral followed by the oil/lotion.

I could see easy child kinding breathing a sigh of relief. The doctor was very honest in telling easy child that this was the first course of treatment, she has had much success with it in the past, but alopecia is still a kinda unknown cause/unknown cure type of issue.

Hopefully, we will see new growth in about four weeks, if it's working. And, the hair loss should slow down over the next couple weeks.

Keep your fingers and toes crossed, rattle those beads, light those candles, and say pray for easy child. Her hair is dropping at an alarming rate.

Thanks for your support.



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Wonderful. It's great that you got a doctor who was sensitive to a teen girls concerns.
Of course, you knew what it was.... you are a warrior mom. We don't leave things to chance.
Fingers crossed.


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I'm glad you were given some hopefully good news.

If easy child has never had high dose prednisone treatments, there can be some "strange" side effects. Nothing alarming, just feeling really weird, being incredibly thirsty, water retention, and it could throw her periods off kilter.
I used to have to take high dose prednisone for seasonal allergies until I got them under control.


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Sharon I will keep easy child in my prayers. Hope this helps her. High dose steroids can be hard on a person so I will keep my fingers crossed that she doesnt have any adverse effects from them.

Hugs from a misplaced Richmonder.


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Thanks guys for your thoughts and support. It means a lot.

Many years ago she was on prednisone for an awful rash and was a little moody, didn't sleep as well, and always hungry - hopefully we are prepared!

Thanks again!


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I'm glad to hear the Dr.'s appointment went well. I've been keeping her in my prayers and will continue to do so. :angel:


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I'm sorry about the diagnosis but I'm sure glad to hear that you have a warrior doctor who is going on the offensive to combat this.

Fingers crossed that treatment is successful and QUICK.



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<span style='font-size: 14pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #6600CC"> the doctor sounds wonderful...sensitive & aggressive. will be rattling beads that the easy child responds quickly & positively to the treatment.

</span> </span> </span>

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Sounds like this doctor knows her stuff. Keeping fingers crossed for easy child - that this clears up quickly.


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Sharon, sorry to hear about the diagnosis, but it does seem optimism is in order here. I hope this is all cleared up soon and easy child does well on the medications.

Have you thought about a temporary cover for her? A wig of some sort.