Episode 5, or- Parent's Bank


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So, I find out difficult child emptied his bank account to get out of jail. But, he also overdrew it! Mom, will you give me the money to cover IF I write out a contract to repay? I gave in, since it was money I felt I could do without. It wasn't much. That's Friday, facing into the sunset.

Saturday, not too bright, but somewhat early...
Rinnnng, rinnng. "Good morning, difficult child."

"Hi. Mom. If I have the money I owe sitting at the house for you when you get home tonight, will you front me the money for my car insurance? I'll write out another contract and sign."

"I'll think about it."

"Well, that's better than no. I love, I'll se you later."

Mom and Dad go out of town for the day. We have a realxing day at a festival. Fade in to 6:30 PM or so. Mom & Dad in the car on the way home. Rinnng, rinnng. "Hello, difficult child."

"Hi, Mom. I just got robbed at gunpoint."

"Did you call the police?"

"Yes. If I sign a contract, and pay back out of my paycheck, will you lend me the money I need to pay off my 'boy'?"

Long pause. "Uh, can we talk about it after I get home?" All the time, I'm thinking 'no way'.

"Yea, now I have to quit my side job. The police flagged me. OK, I'll talk to you later. I love you."

To be continued.


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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Yes. If I sign a contract, and pay back out of my paycheck, will you lend me the money I need to pay off my 'boy'?"
..."Yea, now I have to quit my side job... The police flagged me. </div></div>

Huh? :nonono:

What are "my boy" and "the police flagged me" ?



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<span style="color: #660000">exact same questions as suz....pay my boy? drug dealer??? flagged by police means what exactly. the police don't run around to peoples' jobs & tell their employers that they've been *flagged* whatever that means.

kris </span>


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I don't believe the "i got robbed story". Alex once told us he was robbed too, and had to pay somebody $600.00. I believe your difficult child's story sounds like a drug deal. JMHO


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Basically, you have all got the picture. The police did not go by his work. He said that he knows he's going to be watched, and that is why he said he was 'flagged'.

Yes, he was paying someone off, and said he was getting out of the business. I am listening. I hope he is being honest. But, only time will tell. And, the money wasn't much, but I couldn't get it anyway- I had taken the max out of my account for the weekend because of our day trip.

He has agreed to spending 2 nights a week here. I think he needs this for stability and decent meals.

He had another episode this week, one of his favorite cats died. So, his kitty is the last one left from that 'family'. He made it sound really crucial, as difficult children will.


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Sorry, but I wouldn't believe the "robbed at gunpoint" story either and I would be extremely suspicious of the "car insurance" part too.

I know this isn't what you want to hear, but it sounds like a drug deal to me too. He owes someone money for ... something. And as the day went on and he got into more of a jam, more of the truth came out. People who are in this kind of a predicament usually aren't too worried about their car insurance or their bank account being overdrawn. Or repaying their parents money they have "borrowed".

What it sounds like to me ... his "boy" that he needs to pay off is a drug dealer. I work in a prison and I've heard these terms lots of times before. His "second job" is probably selling drugs himself. He may have received drugs from the dealer to sell, sort of on "speculation", then was supposed to repay the dealer from the money he made selling the drugs. Or the dealer may have advanced him the drugs for his own use. And for whatever reason, he doesn't have the money to pay the dealer now. The police "flagging" him means that they have seen him and added him to their list of people that they watch - they suspect him, now they just have to catch him at it, so they're watching him.

I know this isn't what you want it to be, but that's more than likely what it is. You could check with the police department to see if a report was filed on the "robbed at gunpoint" incident. Or you could offer to pay the car insurance directly to the company instead of giving him the cash, just to see what he'd say.


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The fact is, I knew beforehand it was payback for drugs. Why do you think I was not into giving the money to him to start with?

As for the car insurance, since hubby's name is on the title and the title swap hasn't been completed, I know that part of the money is for insurance. difficult child call the insurance agency from our house, and left all the notes on the kitchen table. We will not be giving him cash for insurance. Hubby is off tomorrow, and will be going with him to complete the transaction.

As for his bank acount, I know that he had just opened it, as used the money in it when he got bailed out. Whoever got the money for him didn't know the balance, and took more out than was there. There wasn't enough there to cover his bail, because I saw his paystub, and the cash from his check.

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