Episode 6


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difficult child called the police from our house. He asked us to Baker Act him. He put the phone down beside me, and I didn't pick it up fast enough for him, I guess. Wasn't going to call. Hubby is driving him to some hospital, I guess.

I told the police he has been up & down and has had a difficult week. Can't concentrate right now.


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I can hear how distraught you are. I'm so sorry...but I'm so glad that your difficult child knows himself well enough to know when he needs additional help. This is a very good thing. It is very good that husband is taking him to the hospital. I'm sending hugs for you...and for your son. I do so hope that he can feel more stable and better soon.



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So sorry for all the pain your family is going through....

Two good things, difficult child recognized he needed help and he hopefully will be getting help at the hospital.....

It is a very scary thing when you realize you can't control what you are doing, hoping your difficult child can regain control and move forward.......


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difficult child did not get admitted. He is home. I don't know yet what caused the issues last night.

Hubby added new issues (we've been having them for awhile). Hubby has to make everything revolve around him. After they left last night, I locked the door, because I didn't know what was going on or how long he'd be gone. He turned it into a trust issue- he doesn't trust me and claimed that the locked door and light off (I didn't mess with the light) created a hostile environment. "That makes c ommunication difficult and trust impossible."

I think that our son's issues should have trumped the locked door and that lack of communication in the first place has caused the ensuing lack of trust between us.

In other words, hubby is being just as much difficult child as son right now. And it is very difficult to stay detached and not show any emotion to them. That is what they both seem to expect. Neither is really into the psychiatrist and counseling of any helpful sort probably will not happen.

And, I am off to work antoehr day. Hopefully, there will be enough to do to keep my mind off the struggles on the homefront.


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fed up I'm sorry about difficult child. It's unfortunate that he didn't follow through with getting treatment.
Your husband is adding to the stress that's for sure. I don't know the lack of trust issues between you two so I won't comment. Locking a door seems like a reasonable thing to do to me. It's unfortunate that husband is noncompliant with medications and difficult child is in a state.


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Sorry husband is adding to the stress of it all. when you aren't working together it makes it much more difficult. I hope you can all work through this and come to some kind of understanding as to how to help difficult child.


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perhaps you need to get away yourself and not be in their picture for a bit to let them function in their world of drama and chaos without you.


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Oh, the drama came full court press to me this morning. I had a flat tire on the way to work. Fix-a-flat didn't help. Hubby was 30 minutes across town. difficult child was passed out asleep in his bed (he had made enough noise when he went to bed to wake me up). I called the car dealer, and my service person gave me the name of a towing company. It was lucky I called a tow, because the 300pound former pro wrestler couln't get the lug nuts off without using a breaker bar and jumping on it!

I was only 30 minutes late for work. I was in my office a very short time before I heard water flowing. Ended up with a major leak, losing the use of computer, several books, and the cutest picture ever of our granddaughter. Out of my office for over 3hours, till the water was sucked up.

Then, difficult child's (former) girlfriend calls, saying he broke out the window at her apartment last night. I told her there was nothing I could do. difficult child tells a different story. I don't believe either completely.