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    Jessie had a friend who lived in a small town about halfway between husband's work and our home. This friend is the one who I had to ask to leave from jessie's birthday party a 2 and a half years ago. Prior to that she spent most of a summer with us, coming to visit for a week at a time. After the birthday party she got mad because I told her her behavior was totally out of line and she has refused to speak to Jessie.

    This friend was in some activity that was selling gift cards to a place that has a pizza/pasta buffet and a ton of games. The cards are for the games.

    As near as I can figure, the game place donated the cards to whatever this activity was. Then the kids involved were supposed to sell the cards to support the activity.

    This girl just left 20 of these $5 cards here. Her phone is disconnected as is her mom's cell phone. Their home looks abandoned. The parents were supposed to be working some construction job around here finishing the inside of a medical office building. I went to the job site to give them the cards and they defaulted on the job.

    I know where the game place is. I don't know what they donated the cards to. Jessie and I have racked our brains to try to figure it out. I contacted the game place by phone. They have NO idea what these were donated to but they are activated cards. The company does not want them back. They say they wrote them off and they are done with them.

    I feel bad because I cannot figure out what group these were donated to. I found the card when I was cleaning near the computer. I know they were from her because they were in an envelope with a piece of paper with her name and the date she was here. But no return address, no idea what the organization is.

    Do I just use the cards to let the kid play games? What do I DO with them? I have called everywhere I can think of, googled the family, checked the white, the phone book in their town, everything.

    Any suggestions? it is $100 worth of gift cards!
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    Would it be possible to donate the cards to a local shelter for women and children? Or to the Make-a-Wish people? Or your local youth group? Or to another charitable organization to be auctioned off at a fundraiser?

    You may have to get persmission from the company to do so, but I can't see them having an issue with this since they already wrote them off and seemed to say that they would continue to honor them. I'm interested in how they respond and what you decide to do. Please let us know.
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    I think you have made every attempt to do the right thing. You have tried your best to contact this friend and family. You spoke to the company and they said they don't want them back. I don't see anything wrong with using them. You should have a clear conscience as you did everything you could to rectify this situation.

    Go and enjoy the buffet and let the kids have some fun!!! :)
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    I have been thinking about this for several days. I tihnk the school (thank you's elementary and my niece's elementary) will be having a silent auction in the spring. If they are, I will donate most of these to that. The school is trying to get enough $$ to put "smartboards" in every classroom. They are $2000 each I think. But they will revolutionize the classroom, with the computer partly putting content on the board, but with the kids also able to use it as a touchpad for recording who wants school lunch, etc....

    But, since Jessie and Tyler DID bring these to my attention, and they didn't try to sneak them to use when we go to that restaurant (we go occasionally), I will let them each have 1 or 2 of them.

    Thanks for the excellent advice. I did verify with the restaurant that they are still good and they don't care what happens to them.

    I just wish I knew what group they were originally intended for. Sigh.
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Susie I think that's a perfectly fine solution!