Even neuropsychologist got a "NO" from insurance company...

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by ksm, Dec 13, 2011.

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    I was crossing my fingers and hoping that once the neuropsychologist actually spoke with the medical director for the insurance review board, that we might get a yes. Now we have to go the "let the school do their testing and then they will consider neuropsychologist testing".

    Last week I hand delivered the envelope to the office for the school psychologist. Hmmm... wonder how long it will be before they actually contact me with the dates of testing?

    I am just bummed. I try and try to make things better. Even getting to see the therapist has been difficult... as we have every other Thursday. And in November we missed as appointment because it was Thanksgiving... and we have already had our December appointment... and she is off most the week before Christmas. So it will be January before the next appointment.

    Every morning it is hell getting her off to school. She argues with little sis, refuses to get out of bed, is just generally obnoxious. Asks us to wake her up at 6:15 so she can "style" her hair... then doesn't get out of bed. Gets up at 6:30, starts to get ready, then ends up back in bed. I wake up little sis at 6:45 and THEN difficult child gets up and doesn't want to share the bathroom at all. She expects easy child to let her walk in any time... but if she is in there, she makes little sis wait forever before she can come in to brush her teeth.

    I just hope we get some answers soon. KSM
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    KSM, has the pediatrician/family doctor ruled out possible medical issues? for example, thyroid, iron levels, etc.? If not, I'd be pursuing... not from a "behavior" standpoint, but from a "sleep" standpoint... maybe try to build toward a sleep study something?

    Not that there isn't other stuff going on. Most of this medical stuff "should" be a rule-out... but sometimes, things like thyroid can just about turn a person crazy.

    In addition... ask the pediatrician/family doctor about alternative approaches to comprehensive evaluation... if they won't do neuropsychologist, would they do a behavioral team at children's hospital?
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    He has done routine blood work to check for medical issues. Thyroid checked out fine. Everything was fine. I am sure once the school checks her - she will have an above average IQ... she just can't finish anything. I am hoping that with a high IQ and failing grades... maybe insurance might take notice. Might.
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    do you have any developmental pediatricians or clinics like that around you???
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    Ohhh, I'm sorry. Usually when the dr gets on the phone, the ins co caves.
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    I had posted before about getting denied for testing that the neuropsychologist ordered. I had been calling Cenpatico and the Insurance company and being told BS that the testing she wanted was for medical reasons not mental health reasons so the side that manages the mental health benefits denied it and was telling me that the psychiatrist should refile it to the medical side. Well, neuropsychologist actually called me herself and explained that they had filed it to both and got denials from both. We then talked about the questionaires that husband, difficult child and I completed and she said that all three of our forms showed high levels of depression in difficult child. She is willing to send results to our therapist. She also says she is leaning towards more bipolar than any other diagnosis. I know it is not "official" as she has never seen difficult child. But I do trust her opinion.

    She said after I get the school testing she will review and then maybe we will try to get testing approved again. She also asked if difficult child has ever been on abilify or depakote. We haven't. I just hate going the medicine route as the last three medications were a disaster. But she explained that two of those medications we had problems with are not good for bipolar.

    Well, getting ready for another day. difficult child has kept us late the last two nights working on a power point presentation due yesterday. I begged her to let me do the typing for her... and finally at 10pm she asked me if I would do it. She had done 5 slides from 6pm to 10pm. I started typing and in 30 minutes I had the last 4 done. Why is she so stubborn?? And when she got home from school her first announcement was "It's not my fault I am late with it!" Duh... it was a month long project and it is your fault.

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    Ugh. What's the point of having insurance? Never mind, I'm preaching to the choir. :rollingpin:

    I know how you feel about begging to do the typing and helping expedite the homework. been there done that.