Everytime I hear from or about Ant... I want to bang my head against the wall!

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Mom2oddson, Mar 12, 2012.

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    You'd think I'd be used to Ant's antics, but I'm keep getting surprised by the levels he will go to avoid growing up and taking responsibility for his life.

    First, cuz he was in so much trouble up here...as in having having cheated some very bad people who were looking to hurt him... he moved to oregon to live with his Uncle. Uncle said he had a job for him at the sawmill. Well, Uncle, who is a difficult child himself, THOUGHT he had a job for Ant. But, Ant is living with him and helping the Aunt out with my 6 month old nephew.

    A few weeks ago, there was an accident on the highway and Uncle, Aunt and Ant were hit. Ant pulled some muscles in his back. And the $$$$ went off in his head. My drug addict son is on lots of pain killers cuz he's in so much pain....yet he's able to do a lot of things. And he isn't going to look for any job right now. He needs to wait and see how much money he can get from an insurance settlement... like enough to pay off all his bills, get a brand new car, get enough money to get his own place and enough so that he won't have to worry about a job for a long while.

    UHG!!! I could bang my head against a wall. Actually, I want to bang HIS head against a wall!!! What a lazy, irresponsible, scamming little brat!! It's a good thing he's 6 hours away from me. ...and the Aunt isn't any better.. she's looking for her pay-out too. :hammer: These two just want whatever they can get from someone else without any sweat from themselves. It irritates me beyond words!
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    Yup. I know what you mean. Katie & M are the same way.

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    Oh, hon.

    :hugs:... I don't have any advice... But I'm here...
  4. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    I don't know about where you are........

    But Dude was LITERALLY hit by a boys car, knocked off his bike, and needed to go to the ER.......and got $2,500.00 PERIOD. He also had "big dreams" of going to be a rockstar life - but I explained to him that in my life I've been hit - SEVEN TIMES by drunk drivers and barely got the car replaced, the hospital bills paid - and walked away with never more than 3K? He came back to reality rather quickly. The three other times I've been hit twice in the side and once in the rear? Literally were the same deal. I didn't have bad attorneys either. There is a cap on injuries. And one of those I had to learn to walk again - that was the $3k deal. Yeah s000000 tell Bon Jovial there - AIN'T happening......

    I wouldn't tell him either - that the insurance company WILL have people videotaping him too. Lifting, bending, stooping, walking. Since day 1. If he's already been out and about? It's a done deal. They've got him on film.

    I'm so sorry dear - but it really sounds like YOU have it all worked out already. The only thing I can say is - "well, at least he's not at your house and you have a new puppy to keep you laughing." ahaha. ha.....ha?

    Hey I know - want another dog? (oh I saw that.............) lol. snort.

    Hugs & Love
    (hands glue ------hang in there)

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    I lnow that he won't get this win wind-fall that he thinks he can get. It's just the continuation of Ant's block-head choices and his refusing to grow up. And I've come to terms with the fact that he will probably never grow up. The uncle that he lives with is 40...on his 4th marriage...kids with only 2 of the women....lives and acts like he's 22. And Ant's Great-Uncle at age 54 (who had been living with mommy) just left for the carribean. He and another loser are going to go there, buy a sailboat (neither have ever sailed before nor can they swim) and they are going to live off the sea and land. :sigh:

    At least Ant's not in my house. I only hear from him occassionally and I know to keep it very light and quick.

    Star - the new puppy is a riot. Of course, since I keep a constant eye on her unless she is in her crate, husband was giving me grief about how I need to trust her and let her have some freedom. Well, on her free time, she grabbed husband's favorite shirt out of the clean laundry basket and shredded it! I love it when I'm right! Bella is also a good little mother hen type. She has been giving Anne baths and then decided that Steph needed her hair washed. And she did after Bella was done with her.
  6. Hound dog

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    Insurance pay off depends on the injury as well as the insurance company, not to mention the coverage the person has

    I received a rather hefty sum. Plus all the bills paid. Insurance co bent over backward. (I still think it's because the claims adjuster figured out I wasn't out for blood) Actually they were so helpful, I would love to make them my insurance company except I can't afford their rates at the moment.

    But then I don't recommend two shattered shoulders, a fractured skull, and a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) to anyone to find out if they can get a big pay off either.

    I had 2 accidents before that. Both the other guys fault. Did ok as far as bills paid, but insurance co's were tightwads when it came to injuries. One I'd broken every bone in my foot......I got a whopping 5k. And part of that was missed wages. woot, not. (by the way I won't do business with either of the insurance co's involved either, their agents are a$$e$)
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    When someone ran a stop sign and hit me, i had to wait until docs released me. That took over a year. Then about six months of gathering bills and negotiating prior to a settlement. These things take forever....

    Know what you mean about wanting to smack your head (or theirs) against a wall.
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    It is very popular to drive around here without insurance. I don't know how these peple get their tags, we always had to have proof of insurance to renew the tag!!!
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    Took me 2 years.......that''s a long time to not have money. I only got 14K, hardly 2 years worth, but it was something....oh the lawyer took a third. I could go back to work at some point, used up all my sick days and broke 4 ribs in many spots, arm damaged forever.....just an idea about how much he thinks he's getting. And how long he'll wait for it,I think it was another 4 months before i had the money in hand.Put it toward my mortgage, like I never had it.
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    OK, I will respond tomorrow but I had to peek because my eyes (sorry it is late) went right to I want to bang.... I had to check it out.

    In the mean time, wow.....I think we need a special board wall that will be both satisfying to bang our heads into but will be safe and big enough for the whole lot of us. Sorry for yet another struggle.