Feeling lost in the system.

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by Tymica, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. Tymica

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    Its been over a week, almost 2 since our meeting with JO. I have heard nothing about rehab. I haven't let difficult child leave the house unsupervised since this started, and am nervous to until we get him in rehab and working on making new choices. So finally today I call the rehab that JO uses. I am giving the story to the lady that answers and she says that she has talked to JO to set up an assessment for next week but I haven't heard anything from JO about it. I know that my child is not the only person on Earth and people are busy but I guess I am feeling frustrated that no one else is feeling a sense of urgency in this. So by the time he is even assessed its going to be 3+ weeks since he has used (at least that I know of) and thats only because I finally called and confirmed it. Maybe I'm just being impatient but I want to get this process going and get my son the support he has been needing since December. Ughhhh.

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  2. Tarcy

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    Hi Timyca,

    I'm brand new to this site this is actually my first post. I'm sorry your getting the run around. I can completely understand why your feeling the way that you are. We want to save our babies, were moms and we want to help them before its too late.
    How old is your son? Has he been diagnosed with conduct disorder?
    What I've learned is i don't have a whole lot of control over anyone, my son included. I can read articles and make phone calls till I'm blue in the face but in the end my son has to want it for himself.
    I hope your taking care of your needs as well. Be good to yourself girl, you deserve to feel good too. Your obviously a loving mom or you wouldn't be here!!! I hope he gets in soon! Tarcy
  3. toughlovin

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    The system, is incredibly frustrating. My son sat in jail for 3 months while they looked for a placement for him. Now granted in his case they found a not great place initially which he was kicked out after a week because of his attitude....so some time in jail after that might have been good for him but still 3 months was a long and very frustrating time!

    I did do a lot of advocacy for him during that time and talked a lot with the drug court coordinator etc.

    So my advice is to keep calling, while being polite, understanding of the pressures they are under. You want their sympathy....but keep advocating for your son.

    My son did finally get a really good long term placement that I am very happy with and he has now been there 3.5 months! He has had an attitude there too but they have worked with him to turn it around and at least for now seem to be getting through to him.


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  4. Tymica

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    Tarcy, he is 16, diagnosed ADHD and anxiety disorder from age 10. It seems to me that JO kind of injected themselves into this and then left us out to dry although they did call today to tell me about the appointment I already knew about because I just did it myself. Like the saying goes I guess, if you want something done right, do it yourself lol.

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