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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Kjs, Oct 17, 2008.

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    My hopes of this new school were so high. But now I am so sad.

    It is a college prep school. small, 350 kids in all.

    difficult child has managed to bring all his grades to B's, but still three weeks until finals. So that could change. But he IS trying.

    The issues of the kids picking on him has stopped, atleast the past two days. I am picking him up so he doesn't have to ride the bus with them.

    He has asked (when he is angry) that he not go to this school, he wants to go to the district school of 3000.

    Granted, the college prep school has much higher expectations and is quite tough. Even more tough with honors classes. But I think if he is getting picked on in a school of 350, what will happen in a school of 3000. Plus, there would be many more battles to fight with teachers who just don't know the kids or care.

    The last week or so, difficult child has been in the house. Not really talking to the kids he has known the past three years. Then tonight I went on to his myspace. I looked at the pictures from all the kids he use to be friends with. They all hang out together, many pictures of events that have recently taken place. I feel so bad that he is not included. Now second guessing the school.

    I have absolutely forbid him to switch schools. Now I am sad.

    He gets a ride to school with a senior. But he takes the bus home. Which drops off at the district school. There he would atleast see kids he knew. But now with the bus thing and the kids picking on him he isn't riding the bus.

    Any thoughts?
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    Have a party and invite his friends and some of the new kids from school???? Can be a halloween party, now. That's really the only thing that I can think of.
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    Encourage him to reach out through his myspace page to his friends from the other school. Have a party for kids from the old school, or from both schools.

    He CANNOT be the first kid to have a tough time adjusting to the new school. TALK to the counsellor about this - chances are they can help.

    Whatever you do, the guilt is simply going to get in your way. Find a way to get rid of it.
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    I'd encourage him reaching out to his old friends and making the effort. You know how kids can be. They may think because he's going to this special prep school that difficult child doesn't want to hang with them anymore. And maybe reaching out to new friends in his new school after school hours as well.

    My Mom moved us to another town my first 2 yrs of hs. I swore I hated it. But my grades shot up and I was actually doing better than in the old schools. I blamed the school, although I had friends in the new school, because I missed my old friends.

    Mom divorced that husband at the end of my sophmore year, so I went back to the hs where all my old friends attended. Much to my surprise..........I was happy to be with my old friends again......but hated the old school because in just 2 yrs I'd jumped so way far ahead of them it wasn't funny. I was bored.

    I'm with Susie, if you can't help him resolve it, go to a school counselor and ask for advice on how to help him with this.

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    Thirteen is just a rough age for any kid...... my daughter who is an angel had a tough time then..... add a new school and being a difficult child and the result is even more difficult to predict....... I would try to get him involved with friends, maybe thru sports? join a team or support one? Try the other suggestions made.... I agree that the larger school would just mean greater problems..... If he is getting B's I would do everything I could to keep him there........